Why You Should Be Using Melted Butter For Cookies

Baking cookies is such a quick and easy treat to whip up, but if you really want to get into the creative taste tester mode, there are so many ways to switch up a classic chocolate chip cookie. Even a simple switch like using brown sugar instead of white sugar or melting your butter can change a cookie's flavor and texture.

Many cookie recipes use room temperature butter and the directions will have you cream it together with sugar, but if you don't want to leave the butter on the counter and wait for your baked goods, just melt the butter! You could soften butter quickly, but melted butter in cookies has its own wonderful benefits.

According to the Spruce Eats, using melted butter to bake cookies makes them deliciously dense. If you prefer a chewy cookie texture, this will do the trick. Are you ready to try this major cookie recipe swap?

How does melted butter change cookies?

When you typically cream butter and sugar together, this adds air into the mixture, according to the Spruce Eats, but they mention you can't cream melted butter with sugar. Serious Eats says that if you cream your butter, the cookies will have a "cakier" texture and feel. Compare this to the denser texture of cookies made with melted butter. For any bakers, it's certainly worth playing around with recipes to find your personal favorite — and of course, a perk is more cookies to eat while doing so!

Some recipes also have you chill the cookie dough for some time before you scoop the dough out to bake. According to The Kitchn, if you use melted butter in your dough, make the dough into small rounds, then chill the dough before popping them in the oven, your cookies will have chewiness from the butter as well as crispy edges. This sounds like chewy and crispy cookie goodness.

Not sure what type of cookie to make? Whether you're looking for a cookie with just three ingredients or looking for a holiday cookie, this guide will give you the best cookie for any occasion.