Padma Lakshmi's Idea Of 'Saturdays With Her Girl' Probably Isn't What You're Picturing

Fans of Padma Lakshmi won't be surprised to learn that the Emmy-nominated chef and television host is crazy about her daughter, Krishna Thea (via People). The mother-daughter duo live together and are obviously quite close given the Instagram posts Lakshmi often shares of the pair. They even recently took a mother-daughter trip to Paris in August, where they spent tons of quality time together (via NDTV).

While every Saturday together most likely does not result in a trip to Paris for the celebrity chef and her daughter, who is quickly growing up, Lakshmi's most recent Saturday with "her girl" probably was not what most fans expected. Just a few months ago, Lakshmi posted a throwback photo of the duo wearing studded jeans and black shirts together on Instagram with the caption, "Twinning & winning with my girl." However, her matching counterpart was not actually her daughter in her most recent post.

Last Saturday with Padma Lakshmi's girl was actually spent with her pup

Padma Lakshmi posted a photo to both Twitter and Instagram of herself with her adorable pup snuggled up next to her in bed. Lakshmi was wearing gray shorts with a pale pink t-shirt while scrolling through her phone in bed. Divina, her cute pooch, was wearing a matching grey sweatshirt while lounging in bed with Lakshmi. It's certainly a switch up from the posts Lakshmi normally posts with "her girl," which is usually her daughter, Krishna. However, fans thought the relaxed Saturday snapshot was too cute.

One person reminded Lakshmi that she was not so sure about Divina in the beginning by commenting, "Remember when you first got her and you didn't think you were a dog person," on Instagram. Someone else added, "I love when non-pet parents turn into pet parents." Clearly, Lakshmi has. Hopefully, fans will start seeing photos of the trio instead of just Lakshmi's pup or daughter. Together, they would make for the cutest Saturday click around.