Instagram Is Losing It Over Alex Guarnaschelli's Relatable Mom Moment

Alex Guarnaschelli isn't just a celebrity chef and judge on Food Network's "Chopped." The accomplished culinary expert is also a mom who doesn't mind sharing those oh-so relatable maternal moments on Instagram. During the pandemic, Guarnaschelli posted photos of her daughter Ava that had us all nodding our heads. We love when she posted a picture of her daughter and captioned it, "Ava with teenage vibes, her father and a rutabaga," and if you are a parent of a teen (or have ever been a teen yourself, really), you just get it. But followers of the "Supermarket Stakeout" host also love when Guarnaschelli shares those sweet videos that show Ava following in her mom's footsteps, like this video where a preschool age Ava is describing produce, which is just over-the-top cuteness. 

Well, Ava has grown up since those preschool years, and now Guarnaschelli is sharing text exchanges with her high schooler that has her Instagram followers losing it and every parent smiling. Why? Because even though Guarnaschelli can slice and dice and cook and bake better than the rest of us, she still has to go through the same "fun" as every other parent of a teenager. And this post might just be one of her most relatable.

Alex Guarnaschelli's daughter told her to stop being annoying

Alex Guarnaschelli shared a screenshot of her hilarious text exchange with daughter Ava, with the caption: "My daughter is headed to high school for orientation. Does any other mom (or dad) relate to this exchange?" followed by cry laughing emojis. Guarnaschelli is clearly being a loving mother and telling her daughter how pretty her "baby" is, but Ava is just not into it and tells her mom politely to, "Please stop." Guarnaschelli falls on the fact that she is a mom and she can't, but you can see the teenage rolling of the eyes with Ava's response: "Just stop. I'm serious. It's annoying." 

The Instagram post has received close to 33,500 likes and lots of supportive comments, with one follower writing, "my kids are exactly the same," while another offered Guarnaschelli solace in the fact that, "At least you got a response." Truth. We think it might be time for Guarnaschelli to start taking a walk down her Facebook memory lane. In 2016, the cookbook author revealed on the social media platform, "My daughter made a mom ballpoint pen 'tattoo' at school today. I will remember this when she's a teenager..." Yeah, it's about that time.