Martha Stewart's White Peach Jam Has Instagram's Mouths Watering

Entrepreneur, family woman, author, recipe extraordinaire, and queen of creative living are just some words to describe the one and only Martha Stewart, and that is without mentioning she is America's first female self-made billionaire (via Investopedia). 

Martha Stewart is always a hot topic. From her five-month stint in jail (via NBC News) to her unlikely friendship with Snoop Dogg, Martha often finds herself amidst controversy. Whether you love her or love to hate her, one thing's for sure: Stewart offers outstanding home, garden, and recipe advice.

No stranger to succulent recipes, Stewart sometimes snags a signature treat from another incredible chef and puts her own spin on it. A recent Instagram post has her followers going wild over a jarred white peach jam that, while made with peaches from her own orchard, is someone else's recipe. Stewart credits the originator, sharing in her caption, "We cut up ten pounds of these juicy and sweet fruits and followed my favorite French confiture maker, Christine Ferber, for her recipe of white peach jam with saffron." The domestic diva explains that using saffron in jam may "sound odd," but the finished product is "mouthwateringly excellent."

Martha Stewart is a masterpiece chef

In less than 24 hours, Martha Stewart's white peach jam Instagram post garnered more than 11,000 likes and 230 comments. Granted, she does have well over a million followers, but those are still big numbers for such a short time span. Fans took to the post with comments such as "Candy of the Gods. Peaches," "That sounds spectacular," and "White peaches are highly underrated... I find their flavor enchanting."

The photos are lovely (see one featured above), with three pictures detailing the jam safely encased in mason jars under the sun and one showcasing the jam adorned with a green ribbon. 

Stewart shares in her caption that she will enjoy it on a croissant from Laduree, which certainly perks the taste buds up. The jam does inspire a bit of mouthwatering just by looking at it, reminding us that Martha is nothing short of a masterpiece maker, even if the premiered product isn't her own.