Wendy's Canada Is Temporarily Swapping Its Vanilla Frosty For This Bold Flavor

Wendy's Frostys have been staples for as long as many can remember. The classic vanilla and chocolate flavors have both graced dessert menus and been used as a sweet dipping sauce for fries, among other unconventional manners of consumption. According to The Square Deal blog, the Frosty is based on a different treat that appeared on the non-Wendy' menu of a racetrack in the 1960s. Advertised as a "SECRET FORMULA, FROSTED MALTED," it was adopted and adapted by Wendy's.

Eat This, Not That! describes a Frosty as a delectable cross between a milkshake and ice cream, "light but thick, cold and creamy." Vanilla looms large, serving as more than just a standalone flavor. Even the iconic chocolate Frosty is actually a combination of chocolate and vanilla. Other versions have come and gone over the years. According to Reader's Digest, they include the Frosty Parfait, Strawberry Frosty Shake (not to be confused with the Strawberry Frosty), and the Frosty Float. Now fans in Canada can get excited, as Wendy's Frosty is getting another makeover.

Canadians have all the fun

Canadians, rejoice! Brand Eating announced the release of a new flavor of Frosty at Wendy's Canadian locations: Caramel Latte. It is a limited-time item that combines coffee, caramel, and vanilla flavors. Until it departs, the Caramel Latte Frosty will take the Vanilla Frosty's place on the menu for the time being (sorry, Vanilla Frosty fans). The site also notes that in the U.S., Wendy's has often avoided switching things up with Frosty flavors, mostly sticking to the tried-and-true vanilla and chocolate options. (But Wendy's did come out with a coffee drink based on the Frosty that American customers could enjoy: the Frosty-ccino.)

If you're a bit bummed out about the temporary absence of vanilla, you can take solace in the fact that the flavor was inside you – well, actually inside your latte Frosty – all along. Wendy's website lists the first ingredient of the Caramel Latte Frosty as (you guessed it) a Vanilla Frosty. This is mixed with Caramel Latte syrup.