International Delight Just Made Your Favorite Candy An Iced Coffee Flavor

Whether you regularly add extras to your coffee or not, chances are you'll want to hear about the recent partnership between International Delight and The Hershey Company. According to its website, for over 40 years, International Delight has been perfecting the craft of dairy-free coffee creamers in an assortment of flavors. In the past decade, the company has also expanded to produce iced coffee among the lineup of products.

According to Chew Boom, International Delight has announced that its latest iced coffee will be Reese's flavored, aka the popular peanut butter and chocolate combo. A recent poll by Monmouth University showed that 36% of Americans ranked Reese's as the No. 1 Halloween treat from a list of eight options. Something about the balance between the sweet chocolate and salty peanut butter makes them the perfect snack for anytime of the day. Although Reese's products have already made an appearance at the breakfast table in a cereal or cake (yes, breakfast cake!) format, the new iced coffee will be a nice addition. "We could not think of a better partner to bring a unique and decadent experience to fridges nationwide," said Rebecca Grad, the brand manager for International Delight Iced Coffee (via HypeBeast).

What can consumers expect?

This isn't the first time that International Delight has joined with The Hershey Company to create a Reese's flavored item. A few years ago, Taste of Home wrote about a Reese's flavored coffee creamer. A hefty serving of cream was required to obtain the classic flavor, and the product was eventually discontinued. Food Business News lists coffee, skim milk, cream, and sugar as the main ingredients of the new iced coffee. Iced coffee instead of creamer will highlight the delicious taste of Reese's with a lighter nutritional profile.

Rebecca Grad is enthusiastic about the upcoming product, predicting that "This sweet and creamy mashup is going to take iced coffee and Reese's lovers to tantalizing new levels" (via HypeBeast). Don't miss the release, and make sure to be on the lookout for the Reese's flavored iced coffee at the start of October. Chew Boom reports that the beverage will be a fixed offering by International Delight, sold in ready-to-drink 64-ounce containers for $3.99.