Aldi Shoppers Are Excited To Try These New Unique Chocolate Bar Flavors

Anyone who visits Aldi from time to time knows that the budget-friendly grocery chain keeps things lively with new products hitting the shelves every week. For chocolate lovers, this is a good week to visit Aldi. One fan account on Instagram, @AldiFavoriteFinds, spotted new chocolate bars on September 14. After sharing the news with followers and Aldi shoppers, the post received more than 750 likes within a day. "I spy new chocolate bars! At one store they were on the chocolate end cap and at another store they were in the Aldi Finds aisle so make sure to look around," the caption read. "I bought the coconut macaroon, so check out my stories to see what I thought. Which ones will you be trying?" Some people had already tried all four by the time they responded in the comments.

The new Choceur chocolate bars include two Belgian dark chocolate flavors and two Belgian milk chocolate flavors. The dark chocolate flavors include sea salt as well as mint creme. The milk chocolate options are burnt caramel sea salt and coconut macaroon. One writer for The Kitchn tried more than 20 pounds worth of chocolate from Aldi and three of their top five picks were from Choceur, so these are definitely worth the try. At $1.29 each, it's hard not to pick up one of all four flavors, too.

This is what Aldi shoppers think about the new chocolate bars

Some people were excited to learn about the new chocolate bar flavors and couldn't wait to give them a try. One person responded to @AldiFavoriteFinds' post by writing, "Yummmmm I want them all." Another wrote, "I wanna try all 4!" But plenty of others had already found their favorite flavor. "I had a 'SEA SALT' YESTERDAY it was delicious," one comment read. Another comment agreed by saying, "These are delicious! Sea salt is my favorite." Someone else wrote, "The burnt caramel is so good!!" But the best review yet read, "I bought them all! The dark chocolate mint and coconut macaroon were my favorites." Clearly, different people like some flavor combinations more than others. However, it would appear that the sea salt option and the coconut macaroon are both popular picks.

So, add the new Choceur chocolate bars to your Aldi list before you visit next time. And don't forget to check both the usual end cap with all things decadent chocolate as well as the weekly finds aisle. You won't want to miss these treats.