Guy Fieri's Perfect Cheeseburger Requires One Unexpected Trick

Anyone who's watched his shows knows that Guy Fieri calls himself the "Mayor of Flavortown," and he regularly dishes out advice, tips, and suggestions for readers and viewers of the Food Network to help them make their food Flavortown-worthy. Insider had a recent conversation with Fieri, where he shared his tricks for making the best cheeseburger. While they're completely simple, one unique tip stands out, and together with the other tricks, an amazing burger is the result. 

Insider asked Fieri what recipe he thought made the best cheeseburgers. "It's not just about a burger recipe. It's about the execution of the whole deal," he replied. "You can get down with whatever toppings you want, but the basics have to be covered."

The first item is quality ingredients, starting with ground beef, which Fieri recommends using the 80% lean, 20% fat. "Start with your seasoned ground beef in a ball and place it on the hottest griddle or cast iron pan you can get," Fieri told Insider. Then, he says to use a spatula to get the burger as flat as you can. "Smash it down hard, we're talking a half-inch thick," he noted. That thin patty on the hot pan lets the edges caramelize and get a nice crunchy crust.

The key special trick happens next

After the burger is almost cooked, you add the cheese to the top, and then Guy Fieri's special, surprising trick comes to into play. You want to cook the burger to its perfect doneness before adding the cheese, but you still want the cheese to melt. So Fieri suggests spraying a little bit of water around your burger, and then using "some sort of dome or metal bowl" to cover your hamburger patty, he said to Insider

In an interview with Delish, he expanded on the reasoning and technique. "I love cheese on a burger, but it should only be put on during the last couple of minutes while the burger cooks. Put a lid over it, so you're not relying on just the meat itself to melt the cheese," Fieri said. "Also, put two or three ice cubes under the lid. As they melt, it creates steam. That heat will melt the cheese smoothly and perfectly. That's the way to go." He also noted to Insider, "That steam will melt your cheese before you overcook your burger."

Fieri also personally uses brioche buns when making cheeseburgers, versus the more traditional sesame seed buns, and makes sure they're lightly toasted. Other tips Fieri points out to Insider include slicing onions and tomatoes incredibly thin, and using shredded lettuce for a perfectly balanced burger. 

Now, whether you decide to add some of Fieri's special Donkey Sauce is up to you!