This Is What's Actually In Guy Fieri's Donkey Sauce

Restaurant owner, celebrity chef, and television host Guy Fieri is known for his larger-than-life personality and positive attitude. Dining at one of his 14 different restaurants, many with multiple locations, will earn you a one-way ticket to "Flavortown," with their expansive menus and creatively named, over-the-top dishes (via Guy Fieri). 

One ingredient Fieri is known for (that up until recently was shrouded in secret, according to Delish) is Donkey Sauce. In an interview with Thrillist, the chef revealed that Donkey Sauce is not as wild an ingredient as the name would suggest. During the interview, the outlet criticized Fieri's food (and Donkey Sauce in particular) as not being particularly healthy after Fieri responded to a question about the biggest changes he has witnessed throughout the United States while traveling over the course of 10 years filming Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Fieri stated that he believes the biggest change has been a revolution in food, with people realizing all the ill-effects processed foods were having on our collective diet. Fieri responded to the criticism, saying that they were "...stereotyping it. If we call it aioli, does that make it sexier? It's aioli." He then reiterated his earlier comments about the importance of balance and moderation.

How to make Donkey Sauce at home

According to an interview Las Vegas Magazine did with Fieri in 2015, Donkey Sauce got its name from his younger days working as a chef in the kitchen on a Carnival Cruise ship. He told one of his coworkers that anyone who ordered a burger without the sauce was a "j******." When asked what that word means, Fieri informed his friend it is the same thing as a donkey, to which the other chef replied, "Oh, so it's donkey sauce!" The entertaining, inventive name stuck. 

If you want to make Fieri's famous Donkey Sauce at home, he kindly included instructions for the condiment at the bottom of his Straight-Up with a Big Patty Burger recipe developed for the Food Network. The recipe is incredibly easy to recreate and calls for only a few, widely available ingredients. 

To make Fieri's Donkey Sauce, you simply need to combine mayonnaise, roasted garlic, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper in a bowl. You could always get fancy and make your own mayonnaise from scratch, but then again, this is Donkey Sauce, not aioli! If jarred mayonnaise is good enough for Guy, it's good enough for us.