This Nigella Lawson Trick Makes For Grease-Free French Fries

Nigella Lawson is the domestic goddess we all aspire to be like. We love Lawson's tips and tricks, which range from resourceful (using up stale bread to make a panzanella salad) to truly indulgent (adding bacon to our brownies). During lockdown, the "Nigella Bites" host shared her technique for frying up delicious, crispy French fries without the greasy, oily taste or feel. See, she really is a goddess! If you've had time to peruse her latest cookbook "Cook, Eat, Repeat," which has 50 new recipes, then you would know that the celebrity chef really is all that.

And sure, you can get great fries at your favorite restaurants and fast food joints, but once you try Lawson's method for making the perfect "chip" (as they are called in the U.K.), you'll want to make your own all the time. OK, maybe just some of the time, but still. Her unique approach will leave you wishing you had thought of it first.

Nigella places raw fries into cold oil

As Lawson posted on Instagram, her french fry cooking method might seem unconventional, but the results are fantastic. She wrote, "Tuscan Fries – inspired by @chefcasella – are #recipeoftheday. My cooking method is unorthodox but effective: deep-frying without so much of the stress." 

So, what does Lawson do that is so different from other French fry recipes? "This is revolutionary: you put the raw chipped potatoes into cold oil, then heat it up," she reveals on her website. It's as if she sensed the naysayers before they could even create a complete thought, because she followed it with, "It sounds crazy, but it works. You'd think it would make them unbearably greasy but in fact you end up with crisp, oil-free fries of utter fabulousness."

Lawson was not speaking in hyperbole. Her post about these irresistible fries has received almost 49K likes, and her fans are leaving overwhelmingly positive feedback. One of her followers said, "Made these earlier, what a revelation! The best fries EVER! Thank you for sharing!" Another enthusiastically replied, "I know it's only 9.30 am but I could eat these right now!" We're feeling these vibes too, and can't wait to chow down on these Tuscan fries ourselves.