Here's How Ted Allen Does His Grocery Shopping

Some people simply do not like grocery shopping. Whether it's waiting in line, maneuvering a clunky cart through crowded aisles, or organizing a list of items to purchase, certain parts of the process can make it feel like a chore. Per Real Simple, cooking and grocery shopping are tied at fifth place for Americans' most despised household task. That may be why so many people are turning to online shopping and deliveries: According to a recent Gallup poll, the percentage of people who order their groceries online has doubled since 2019. 

However, do not count "Chopped" host Ted Allen among that uptick of online shoppers or those who despise grocery duty. Allen is in the antithetical group. In fact, the television personality loves grocery shopping and has even developed his own routine to tackle the weekly job. He shared his unique method with the Food Network, and we are loving his international-inspired approach to restocking his pantry and fridge. 

Allen shops like a Parisian

Allen revealed to the Food Network that he has adopted a European style of grocery shopping. "I have to shop kind of like a Parisian," the cookbook author said. "I actually go to, like, six different places when I go grocery shopping, so I strap on a backpack and I start walking." Allen added that he has learned to "love" the undertaking and finds it "inspiring" rather than chore-like. Maybe all those steps in the fresh air give the process an endorphins boost.

How exactly do Parisians shop for groceries differently than Americans? Per Verily Mag, the French generally do not buy a week's worth of meals in a single trip to the store, as their refrigerators and pantries are much smaller than those in the United States. Instead, they shop for a few staples at a time, visiting an outdoor market for produce, followed by a bakery for a baguette or a butcher for a little charcuterie. Sounds like a relaxing way to shop!