Why Julia Roberts' Kids Want Her To Open Her Own Restaurant

Nothing is good enough for Julia Roberts' kids, is it? It's not enough to have a mom who is an Academy Award-winner, a successful producer, and one of the highest paid, best-loved actors of our time — now she has to open a restaurant, too?

Okay, well in fairness, the Roberts kids aren't saying she has to, just that it might be a good idea. And it's not just because she played a foodie in "Eat, Pray, Love." "They think that I'm a good cook," Roberts told People in 2011, speaking about her three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry. "They actually told me that I should open a restaurant." The curse of the competent, J-Robs; it was only a matter of time before your kids were going to turn that high praise into high expectations. Her kids were barely school-age at the time of the interview, but it sounds like mom's culinary sparkle hasn't worn off over the years. "I just cook what anybody wants to eat," Roberts told E! News in 2015. "Cook for days and days. I love it. To feed people is one of the joys of my life."

For Julia Roberts, life and food is all about balance

According to Good Housekeeping, Roberts has said that she often prefers the title "stay-at-home mom" to "Oscar-winning actress." When it comes to her directing aspirations, she's made it clear that her director's chair sits firmly in her household. "Listen, come over to my house — that's directing," she told E! News. "'Hey, brush your teeth! Get your uniform, basketball is tomorrow! Get your violin!' I'm like an air traffic controller." But with great power comes great responsibility, and Roberts pays careful attention to what she's feeding her cast of characters.

"We try to eat mindfully," Roberts says of her family's meal planning. "As I always say to my kids, 'You have to eat the good stuff to get the good stuff.'" A typical day might involve homemade granola and yogurt, a veggie-heavy lunch (like artichoke polenta) and a healthy fish dinner with even more veggies, per Good Housekeeping. Roberts isn't one to shy away from a carb or a cookie, either. Balance is the name of the game for this Pretty Woman, and she told the Toronto Sun that drinking water, getting plenty of sleep, and staying joyful are as important as any fitness or diet regime. Give this woman a Ted Talk, already.