The Julia Roberts Movie You Should Never Watch On An Empty Stomach

You've probably heard the advice, "don't grocery shop on an empty stomach." It's not just a saying, this is tried and true advice. Not just because you may buy more than you need, but you might buy more junk and high-calorie foods, too (via Infogrocery). In fact, doing any type of shopping when you're hungry might not be the best idea — you're likely to buy more non-food items when you're hungry as well, according to HuffPost.

As it turns out, this advice extends to Julia Roberts movies as well. Or, at least one of them. This classic film made Hungry Howie's list of 15 movies you should never watch while hungry.

Maybe you don't have to follow this rule as strictly, you probably won't overspend if you do, but who would want to ruin their movie night by the constant interruption of a growling stomach? Among the endless Roberts film options, there's one, in particular, that's best watched on a full stomach. The exception to this rule: having a full bag of popcorn nearby on standby.

If you're curious which movie we're talking about, keep reading for all of the delicious details.

Don't watch Eat, Pray, Love while hungry

The title alone should be a dead giveaway that there's going to be a lot of food consumption in this film. Based on the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, "Eat, Pray, Love" is quite literally about traveling through the world and eating a lot of good food along the way.

As Hungry Howie writes, "After two hours of pasta, gelato, and pizza eating in Italy, spicy creations in India, and the freshest dishes in Bali, you will find yourself scrounging around for anything edible."

If you do get through the movie while hungry, it's only going to make it that much harder to determine what will actually solve those cravings. Exotic fruits? Thin crust pizza? Samosas?

In order to save your stomach and avoid having to make tough decisions, it's probably best to save this movie until your stomach is full, and you're well-fed. So stick to "Pretty Woman," "Erin Brockovich," or "Notting Hill" if you're hungry — and maybe avoid "Mystic Pizza" while you're at it, too.