This Is The One Food Ted Allen Says You Should Never Eat

With 12 years of hosting "Chopped" under his belt, it's safe to say that Ted Allen is no stranger to exotic foods. The 56-year-old has presented contestants with dozens of bizarre mystery basket ingredients throughout his lengthy tenure on the hit Food Network competition series like pickled pig lips, geoduck, and goat brains, but while you may cringe at the thought of eating one or all of those foods, Allen reminds us that people in other parts of the world may find them tasty and delicious (via The Recipe). 

"Some things that sound weird to you and me as Americans are not weird at all in other cultures and other countries," he explained to Food Network, which he ultimately said was "part of the excitement" of the show. As you can see, Allen clearly has an appreciation for all sorts of ingredients and cuisines. However, despite telling Food Network that he "isn't a food snob" and is willing to munch on just about anything, there is one surprising dish that the cookbook author not only refuses to eat himself but advises everybody else to avoid as well. "People should not eat frozen pizza. Ever," he told Time. "It's terrible."

Here's what you should do instead of buying frozen pizzas, according to Ted Allen

You may be wondering how in the world Ted Allen could be anti-frozen pizza. Not only are they considerably cheaper than ordering from a pizza delivery joint, but they're also incredibly convenient for those nights when you're running a little low on time. Plus, there are a number of great ways to doctor up the pre-made dish to make it an even tastier meal. However, Allen explained to Time that there also are some major downsides to your favorite frozen pie. "All of it's awful, just packed with the lowest quality ingredients, lousy sauces, and they're overpriced for what they are," he said. "It's not a good product. There's so much sodium, so many calories and artificial crap and preservatives." 

So what, then, does the "Chopped" host suggest you do instead of stocking up on DiGiornos the next time you're at the grocery store? Buy an extra 'za the next time you do opt for delivery and freeze it in a Ziploc bag for a meal down the road, which he says can be ready within seven minutes of throwing into the oven. "It's faster than Totino's or Tony's or any of those ridiculous pizzas," he explained. We certainly like the idea of having an extra Pizza Hut pizza on hand, but if you do happen to be partial to the frozen pies, make sure you fill your freezer with the best ones available.