The Trader Joe's Pastry The Queer Eye Guys Swear By

Antoni Porowski, known for his role as the food and wine expert in "Queer Eye" on Netflix, is a trusted source when it comes to all things cuisine. His second cookbook, "Antoni: Let's Do Dinner," is all about clean meals that anyone and everyone can make. Fans are loving it — perhaps because many of the recipes in the book can be made with items from Trader Joe's, according to Thrillist. (The store's marinara sauce is lower in sugar than many others, Porowski explained, making it a fit for the book's Italian-inspired recipes. Plus, the nuts are well priced.)

While discussing the popular grocery chain, Porowski excitedly went off on a bit of a tangent, praising the company for coming up with its own successful line of items. We couldn't agree more, especially when it comes to Trader Joes' fall products. Porowski ended up mentioning Tan France, the fashion expert on "Queer Eye," because of his love for baking and reliance on one specific Trader Joe's pastry product.

The Fab Five is obsessed with Trader Joe's chocolate croissants

France "is an excellent baker," Porowski revealed to Thrillist. "He really loves making everything from scratch, loves spending time in the kitchen. And he swears that the greatest pain au chocolat that he's ever had is from the freezer section at Trader Joe's." A decent pain au chocolat, the French term for chocolate croissant, can cost you $5 at a bakery. At $1.25 per pastry (via Become Betty), could the TJ's version really be up to par? Porowski thought France was "insane," but he decided to try it for himself.

The food expert allowed the frozen pastries to thaw and proof overnight on a cookie sheet. The next morning, he placed them in the oven, gave one a taste, and found that they are indeed "so flaky and delicious" and filled with "loads of really good, high-quality dark chocolate." In order to enhance the flavor, however, Porowski recommends brushing on some melted butter before baking so the treats get more deeply golden rather than pale yellow. Say no more, Antoni. We are already on our way to Trader Joe's.