35 Trader Joe's Fall Favorites Ranked From Worst To Best

During the second week of September this year, Trader Joe's grocery stores across the country started stocking the shelves with all manner of fall offerings. Favorite items all over the store suddenly had pumpkin spice and butternut squash counterparts. Orange packaging with autumn imagery popped up on every aisle. It was reason enough for Trader Joe's enthusiasts everywhere to start flocking to stores to find the latest "Pumpkin Palooza" offerings.

If you're not familiar with all of the festive seasonal offerings Trader Joe's has this time of year, we're here to fill you in — which is no small task. While Trader Joe's isn't an especially large grocery store, it manages to pack in products quickly and in great numbers. No two stores are exactly the same, so there's a chance that your store might or might not have something that a store on the other side of the country (or on the other side of town) is carrying. Or it might not be in stock right now, but it could show up in a few weeks. That's the allure of Trader Joe's.

There's also the matter of narrowing down the essentials. Everyone has their own personal opinion of course, but we took a look at products that have come back season after season, as well as new products making a splash this year. From worst to best, here's a deep dive into the fall favorites at Trader Joe's.

35. Seasonal yogurts

Trader Joe's offers a plethora of yogurt varieties. And when fall comes around, it brings with it even more flavors! The dairy-based pumpkin Greek nonfat yogurt has made a comeback this year alongside the pumpkin spice flavored non-dairy organic creamy cashew cultured yogurt alternative. Neither of these flavors really wowed us, as they were somewhat bland. The dairy-based pumpkin Greek yogurt tastes like plain squash (Remember, it's pumpkin-flavored, not pumpkin spice.) The creamy cashew yogurt is more watery in texture than the much thicker Greek yogurt, a little like baby food.

The apple caramel Greek yogurt has been discontinued. It seems it was replaced by the brand new Honeycrisp apple cinnamon Greek yogurt. The new apple cinnamon Greek yogurt has the same chunks of apple as the caramel apple Greek yogurt, but also mixed in with the apple are flecks of cinnamon. One of the most popular varieties of apple, Honeycrisp apples are known for their crunchy texture and sweet flavor. The little chunks of Honeycrisps really hold up in this yogurt, adding texture and sweetness to the tartness of the yogurt. The cinnamon brings its own sweetness to the party.

Trader Joe's employee and YouTuber Katie Hespe compared the apple cinnamon Greek yogurt to oatmeal, and she has a point. Because it's cold, it more resembles overnight refrigerator oatmeal than hot oatmeal, but oatmeal nonetheless. This would be a decent breakfast item.

34. Halloween Joe-Joe's cookies

If you're deep into the Trader Joe's house-brand cookies, you've probably had Joe-Joe's, Trader Joe's version of Oreos, which are often flavored with seasonal fillings or coated in flavored chocolate. The Halloween Joe-Joe's cookies don't offer any out-of-the-ordinary flavors, as the cookies are still made with vanilla creme sandwiched between crunchy chocolate cookies. But the creme is dyed orange and the cookies are stamped to look like Jack-O-Lanterns, which is cute. 

Unfortunately, that's about it. If you're a loyal Oreos fan, these cookies are not going to appeal to you. Maybe kids won't be able to tell the difference, or maybe if they're part of a Halloween party snack table they'll be a nice touch, but flavor-wise they're kind of a dud. Yes, the Halloween Oreos cost a few cents more, but you're also getting 4 ounces more worth of cookies — so in this case, we think you should stick with the name brand. But don't let that discourage you from trying some of the other flavors of Joe-Joe's cookies, which we think are generally more exciting than the classic.

33. Pumpkin chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie mix

In the baking aisle of Trader Joe's you'll find the pumpkin chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie mix. The one pound, six-ounce container has enough dry cookie ingredients in it to make 24 cookies according to the label, although you'll need to contribute one large egg, one stick of butter, and a little bit of water. With so much going on in this cookie mix, you might think that it's got a little something for everyone and is sure to be a hit. It turns out, most people aren't a fan of this particular offering.

Whether it was the dense texture of the cookies or the flavor of the pumpkin and spices, people just don't seem to be into this cookie mix. Club Trader Joe's whipped up a batch of the cookies and noticed that the cookies weren't quite what they expected. "I could hardly see or taste any chocolate. I saw some of the chunks in the mix before we started but if you look at the Trader Joe's website, [the] cookies look like they are loaded with chocolate chunks. Don't believe them." So if you're a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies and not so much a fan of oatmeal cookies, these probably aren't for you.

If you're going to give them a shot, make sure your ingredients are all room temperature, your butter is soft, and you don't overmix the dough for your best shot at cookies that meet your expectations.

32. Pumpkin overnight oats

While overnight oats aren't new to Trader joe's, the pumpkin overnight oats are a brand new seasonal offering. In fact, it was one of the very first pumpkin-flavored items to hit shelves, a few days before the rest of the special fall items showed up in many stores. If you're not familiar with overnight oats already, it's basically oats that have been soaked in water or dairy overnight in the refrigerator, often with fruits and spices so when you wake up in the morning they're ready for a hearty breakfast. No cooking required.

The pumpkin version of these oats includes pumpkin puree as well as cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. It's sweetened with date paste and includes almond butter, we assume for a thicker and creamier texture as well as a small protein addition. The reviews seem to all agree that it tastes like eating pumpkin pie filling, which doesn't sound bad if you're into dessert for breakfast, but the texture of the oats isn't the most appetizing. Some describe it as "goopy" without enough oats to really anchor all the pumpkin paste, while others say they prefer hot oatmeal to cold. At only $1.99, you're not making a huge investment in these oats, but maybe just buy one to see if you like it before deciding to stock your fridge with it for the next few months.

31. Pumpkin waffles

While you're frolicking through the aisles at Trader Joe's (or maybe that's just us), picking up everything that mentions the word "pumpkin," you may come across the pumpkin waffles in the freezer section. But before you get carried away thinking about the pie-smelling waffles coming out of your toaster oven in the morning, there's one extremely important distinction that needs to be made. These are pumpkin waffles, not pumpkin spice waffles. There is no sweet-smelling cinnamon, no zesty ginger, no warm and rounded allspice, and definitely no spiced clove. Just waffles that taste like a popular squash with a slight orange hue to them, covered in whatever syrup floats your boat. Is that a bad thing? No, not inherently. Is it a good thing? Not especially. Because if we're being really honest, the spice part of pumpkin spice is what really brings it all together and makes the pumpkin part something really special.

Now, we did check the ingredients list on the side of the box, and it does claim to have spices, including cinnamon. But we're really hard-pressed to decipher any while eating them. If you pick up a box of these, consider using a spiced whipped cream, or just sprinkling some cinnamon on top of each pancake while you heat them up for a little bit more of an endearing flavor. Or top them with baked cinnamon apples. Or just get regular waffles and enjoy them with a pumpkin spice latte.

30. Pumpkin-flavored Joe-Joe's cookies

If you took our advice and skipped the Halloween Joe-Joe's cookies in favor of the pumpkin-flavored Joe-Joe's, we think you made the right call. These cinnamon-spiced pumpkin cookies have a sweet creme filling and a pumpkin spice cookie that's got a little bit more going on than the Halloween cookies, although they don't have cute jack-o-lantern faces — even though they're actually pumpkin-flavored, ironically. 

The creme filling comes on strong, with the sweetness of the creme almost overpowering a lot of the more subtle pumpkin and spice flavors of the cookies. While we liked this version better than the Halloween version, and we wouldn't turn them down if they were offered to us, ultimately we think there are better options when it comes to the seasonal cookies Trader Joe's has to offer. We found the cookies for $2.49, which is admittedly, a very good price for a whole box of cookies that's going to last you through several rounds of packed lunches or late-night snacking. 

On the other hand, one serving is only considered two cookies, which will run you 160 calories — not especially fulfilling for how many calories they pack. Keep reading to see which cookies we think you really should lay your hands on instead.

29. Pumpkin cereal bars

Between the pumpkin-flavored coffees and the pumpkin-forward baked goods, it seems like pumpkin is predominantly a breakfast option, although we adore it in soups and pasta just as much, if not more than sweeter pastries. One of the breakfast pastries that returns year after year is the "this pumpkin walks into a bar ..." cereal bars. They're not so much the firm texture of Pop-Tarts or the crunchy texture of a granola bar, but instead soft and chewy like a Nutri-Grain bar or Fig Newtons. If you've had either of the latter, you're aware that they're almost as sweet as they are nutritious, but sometimes you just want to eat something that tastes good in the morning and you don't want to be too bogged down by a lot of nutrients. 

These bars are only 130 calories each, which isn't too bad, but most of the calories are from sugar and, nutritionally speaking, there's not a lot else going on here. So eat them if you want a little seasonal pastry in the morning or for a mid-afternoon pumpkin pick-me-up, and go on about your day.

28. Pumpkin spice hummus

One of the new pumpkin offerings that is making a big splash this year is the new pumpkin spice hummus. While the main ingredient in this hummus is still garbanzo beans/chickpeas, that's about where the similarities to traditional hummus end. Instead of tahini, the sesame seed paste that helps give traditional hummus that special savory creaminess, pumpkin puree is added. Additionally, this hummus includes a good amount of sugar which is not typically included in hummus, and the traditional pumpkin pie spices to give the dip the full pumpkin pie effect. Be warned, this is not a savory dip, it's a "dessert hummus" and it's made for those who are looking for a pumpkin pie dip they can eat with graham crackers.

Our first question was, is this necessary? There are already so many other pumpkin spiced offerings out there. We can't imagine eating this hummus with a crudites platter, although slathered on some naturally sweet carrots might be a nice semi-healthy snack. But people who have tried it have been enthusiastic about it, recommending it with cookies and sweet crackers, but also slathered on an English muffin or as a bagel spread. From what we can tell, it's also vegan which will appeal to a broader range of pumpkin lovers.

27. Pumpkin gnocchi

Gnocchi are little Italian dumplings that are not generally packed with flavor by themselves. Trader Joe's new pumpkin gnocchi have a subtle pumpkin flavor as well as a bit of sweetness. They're fine on their own but would definitely benefit from a sauce. Perhaps the Autumnal Harvest creamy pasta sauce to keep the autumn theme going?

There are two traditional ways of preparing gnocchi. You can boil them in salted water or pan-fry them in a little bit of olive oil. The latter technique makes the outside of the dumplings nice and crisp. When simply boiled, the gnocchi can feel a little too soft, especially when mixed with a sauce that it is bound to soak up.

Pumpkin gnocchi are good for someone who appreciates subtle flavors or just loves saucy foods. Don't forget to pair them with a hefty slice of ciabatta or focaccia to wipe up all that leftover sauce when the gnocchi are gone.

26. Organic spaghetti squash nests

Spaghetti squash has been used as a pasta substitute since at least World War II, offering good nutrition and zero gluten. Sometimes, though, buying a whole squash, cooking it, then cutting it open and digging the spirals out with a fork can be too time-consuming. Or maybe you just don't have the energy for all of that. This is where Trader Joe's dried organic spaghetti squash nests come to the rescue. Just boil them to rehydrate.

It's squash, so the flavor is on the bland side. But honestly, it isn't bad with just a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. And a heavier sauce is really nice addition as well. It does behave more or less like conventional spaghetti, though the noodles from these nests like to clump together a tad more than fresh squash doesh. There is more texture here than with a fresh squash, however. The nests are always the same, while the moisture in a fresh spaghetti squash varies from one to the next. Plus the dried squash lasts longer.

We have the same serving suggestions here as with the gnocchi. Though if you are choosing spaghetti squash over conventional spaghetti due to gluten intolerance, maybe nix the side of bread.

25. Pumpkin bisque

The Trader Joe's pumpkin bisque is for true die-hard pumpkin lovers. It appeals to that one or two-week period of time in November where you really start looking forward to the huge meal you're planning for Thanksgiving, and you're ready to start tasting all of the magnificent dishes that you really only get once or twice a year. That's what this bisque is for. It's basically pumpkin puree and cream, bolstered with olive oil, tahini, onion, cider vinegar, and spices — but it's not quite as sweet as pumpkin pie. It's definitely intended to be a savory soup, but we think it would pair well with saltier foods like a rotisserie chicken or smoked ham.

But all of that cream, oil, and sesame doesn't come without a cost. One cup is considered a serving, and one serving is 390 calories. Sure, it's a very filling soup, but probably not so filling that one cup will satisfy you. It's also got a whopping 27 grams of fat, 790 mg of sodium, and 35 grams of carbohydrates per serving. So if you aren't in love with it, it might not be entirely worth it, nutritionally speaking.

24. Organic maple vinaigrette dressing

You might be turning up your nose at this one, but hear us out. You aren't pouring maple syrup over a salad — it's a maple vinaigrette dressing, and the sweetness of the maple is balanced by the sourness of the vinegar. It definitely tastes like maple, but is that really a bad thing?

Trader Joe's category manager of grocery, Jasmine, said on episode 55 of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast that this idea came from one of the company's maple suppliers. He once told her that his mother made a maple vinaigrette, and Jasmine was immediately inspired. She also added, "The easiest preparation is to pair it with like a dark leafy green. Like the ones that are a bit more bitter ... The sweetness really cuts through."

Co-host Matt suggested tossing the vinaigrette with roasted sweet potatoes, which does sound pretty delicious and would be a terrific addition to any fall feast. Here, you are only limited by your imagination.

23. Pumpkin chipotle roasting sauce

Other than the name, there isn't a lot of direction on how to use this product. It resembles a jar of salsa, but don't be fooled. Turning once again to Inside Trader Joe's, the hosts suggest using it on chicken. Said Jasmine, category manager of grocery, "We actually took some boneless, skinless, chicken thighs and just put them in a single layer in a baking pan." A jar of the roasting sauce was then poured over the chicken, and the entire thing was shaken around until all the pieces were coated. After baking, the chicken was juicy and flavorful.

The other two hosts suggested shredding the cooked chicken to make pulled chicken sandwiches or sliders with Trader Joe's Aloha Rolls. This could also be done with pork for pulled pork sandwiches or beef brisket. Anything that you might roast, this sauce was literally made for. Have fun experimenting.

22. Pumpkin bread & muffin mix

As we make our way through the seasons, we can take this opportunity to give banana bread a rest in favor of more seasonal pumpkin bread, or muffins. And Trader Joe's takes almost all of the work out of baking up these loaves if baking intimidates you. For both the flour-based and gluten-free mixes, you'll need a few additional ingredients. Both call for eggs, oil, and water, which is pretty typical for boxed mix breads, muffins, and cakes. Both mixes are portioned for a standard 9 x 5-inch loaf pan, or about a dozen muffins.

Most people who tried the mixes out like them fine, and suggest using the bread for breakfast, as a side at dinner with salty butter, or for holiday gifting. Both the pumpkin flavors and the spices are mild, so if you're enjoying it with people who aren't quite as pumpkin crazy, there's a good chance that they'll still enjoy the bread. But some people want more. Author Brian Rowe suggests adding a whole 15-ounce can of pumpkin puree and two teaspoons of additional spices to the mix to really take the whole thing up a notch. However you decide to make this mix, there's a good chance you'll enjoy it, and hopefully even impress some people with your baking.

21. Gluten-free pumpkin streusel muffins

Trader Joe's has really been knocking it out of the park with its gluten-free offerings lately. First came the super moist, super delicious gluten-free cinnamon coffee cake muffins. Now, just in time for fall, we have gluten-free pumpkin streusel muffins.

Like the coffee cake muffins, the new pumpkin streusel muffins are soft and moist. There is no compromise on flavor or texture here. Their sweetness counterbalances the natural bitterness of coffee or tea. These muffins would make a lovely little breakfast, afternoon snack, or even dessert.

The pumpkin flavor is present, but it's subtle. If you weren't told they were pumpkin streusel muffins, you might not realize there was pumpkin at all. However, the presence of pumpkin puree is likely one of the reasons these muffins are so moist. Just as you might not detect the pumpkin on your own, you also likely would never realize these were gluten-free. So this is a pretty big win for Trader Joe's and gluten-free shoppers alike.

20. Spiced pumpkin madeleine cookies

Compared to some of the other boxes of cookies available at Trader Joe's, you're getting a little less bang for your buck with these spiced pumpkin madeleine cookies. We found them for $3.29, which is the same, or more, than some of the other boxes of cookies. But oh, are they worth it. The package comes with six beautiful shell-shaped madeleines, unfrosted and unfussy. Each cookie is tender and, despite probably not having been baked that morning, very fresh tasting. The spices are beautifully balanced and make the cake-like cookie fragrant enough to enjoy with tea or coffee, but not so heavy that everything you eat afterward is going to taste like cinnamon. Since these cookies come in a neat little package, they'd also be a nice little gift for a friend or when visiting with family members during the upcoming holidays.

Unlike some of the other cookies that have a shelf life of six months or more, these spiced pumpkin madeleine cookies have a more imminent sell-by date printed on the front of the package. We find it unlikely that you'll struggle to eat them all in time, but just in case you don't think you'll get to them all, you can wrap them tightly and freeze them till you're ready to eat them. We'd also suggest crumbling a few on some vanilla or pumpkin ice cream.

19. Pumpkin cheesecake

You're heading to a holiday gathering, but just don't have the energy to bake up the pumpkin bread. It's understandable, and Trader Joe's once again has you covered. Instead, pick up the pumpkin cheesecake, which you might not notice in the freezer section at first because it comes in a pretty plain brown box without a glossy photo or much indication of what's in it.

The tasters over at Frozen Food Frenzy can't get enough of this cheesecake. "It has a smooth, doughy consistency that sort of melts away in your mouth. It also has a sweet pumpkin flavor that we really love. It has just a hint of spices to really accentuate that true fall holiday flavor," they write. That delicious pumpkin custard sits on top of a graham cracker crust that's been sweetened with molasses and honey. The only thing you'll need to take into consideration is how long it will take this cheesecake to completely thaw out, which according to the direction on the box, will take at least five to eight hours. Topping the cheesecake with whipped cream, ice cream, or a sweet sauce is optional, but we think it's an excellent idea.

18. Pumpkin pancake & waffle mix

Trader Joe's made a classic buttermilk pancake mix that can also be turned into waffles and has garnered its own following, so why not dress it up a little bit for fall? Enter the Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix, fit for all of your pumpkin-themed breakfasts from now until ... whenever you've had enough pumpkin. It looks like a typical pancake batter, with a noticeable difference in color which is definitely more orange than typical pancakes. It includes pumpkin, as well as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg for the perfect spiced pumpkin pie flavor. The batter in pancake form is runny, much like you'd expect from a comparable batter like Bisquick or Aunt Jemima, and makes classic pancakes that aren't too thick but still puff up nicely. For a pancake with so much flavor, you might want to consider using a more robust maple syrup, like grade B syrup which is slightly less refined and will stand up to the stronger flavors in your pancakes.

Not to leave anyone out, Trader Joe's also makes a gluten-free version of the pumpkin pancake mix. Unfortunately, it doesn't include directions for turning this mix into a waffle batter, but testers have given it the same seal of approval as the wheat-based pumpkin pancakes.

17. Trader Joe's pumpkin cheesecake croissants

It's safe to say that the food developers at Trader Joe's have fun taking two different things and combining them into something new and unique. Sometimes this doesn't turn out so well, and the item doesn't make it past a season, such as the apple caramel Greek yogurt. Other times, something brilliant is born, like the latest mashup: pumpkin cheesecake croissants.

A few tablespoons of pumpkin cheesecake are nestled atop a flaky, square croissant. The croissants puff up in the oven, so don't feel discouraged if they don't look right when you first remove them from the box — they don't need to sit out to rise before baking. These crispy squares have all of the flaky layers and buttery goodness you expect from a croissant, plus the sweetness of cheesecake and the warmth of pumpkin pie spices. They are truly a joy to bite into. Each box contains only two cheesecake croissants, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

16. Butternut squash mac & cheese bites

The popularity of Trader Joe's butternut squash mac & cheese has ushered in a new seasonal meal this year, with the unveiling of the butternut squash mac & cheese bites. These mac bites are ready for the oven or air-fryer and we were both excited and skeptical to try them. But when they were done cooking, we were pleasantly surprised by how creamy and cheesy they are. The butternut squash doesn't overpower the cheese but accents it with a touch of sweetness and vegetal richness. 

The bites are coated with crumbs and hold their shape even when hot, but are still a little on the tender side and could very easily be eaten with a fork instead of your fingers. One serving size is three bites, which didn't seem like much when we were hungrily baking them but were very filling once we actually sat down to eat them. Two servings, or six pieces, could be a whole meal for some people. But be warned that there are only 3.5 servings per box, which might not be quite enough for a family of four. The biggest divide actually came from those who don't like a crumb topping on their macaroni and cheese, and would prefer to enjoy this particular mac without the crumbs — which of course would make them better suited to the classic Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese.

15. Pumpkin ice cream

It seems a little obvious. If we're going to go around blending pumpkin into everything, we might as well make a pumpkin ice cream too, right? Well, Trader Joe's went and did it, and the results are especially satisfying. The biggest compliment came from our taster who would take this ice cream over pumpkin pie any day. For many people, pumpkin pie has a great flavor but too closely resembles mushy baby food in texture. This ice cream solves that problem. The pumpkin and spices taste real without a chemical aftertaste. The spices, which include cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, are nicely balanced with the pumpkin flavor and don't fade into the background of the ice cream.

We're happy eating this particular ice cream with a spoon straight out of the container, but it would be great sandwiched between soft oatmeal cookies, served alongside a cinnamon apple sorbet for a seasonal sundae, or even used as the ice cream base for a festive affogato.

14. Salted maple ice cream

That's right, another new ice cream to fall in love with. Salted caramel has been a popular dessert addition for several years now. Here comes a new contender: salted maple.

If you want to get into the technical side, Matt from Inside Trader Joe's explained, "This would be considered a super premium ice cream because of the amount of butterfat and what's known as overrun. Overrun is the amount of air whipped into ice cream. This has very little air so it's a heavy ice cream." This makes the texture thick and rich.

Ribbons of maple are swirled throughout the maple-flavored ice cream. Co-host Tara called it "a ribbon of mapley goodness." We could not agree more. Matt waxed poetic by saying that it was "like a New England getaway in a pint of ice cream." We're not sure how true that claim is, but we can say this ice cream is a must-try for fans of ice cream, maple, and even salted caramel who want to try something a little different but in the same salty-sweet vein.

13. Pumpkin spice & autumn maple coffees

We'll admit that we're pumpkin spice latte fans. But some days we need a coffee just to get out of the house, much less all the way to Starbucks to get coffee. We were honestly in love with these coffees just from catching a whiff of them opening the packages. The pumpkin spice coffee is particularly alluring, smelling like fresh baking spices from the package to your coffee cup. It's intoxicating it smells so good. The coffee itself is a medium roast that's far from weak, and just strong enough to make you feel like you're drinking real coffee, that's more than just seasonal flavors in a cup. The spices themselves are dominant, with very little pumpkin flavor involved, which is fine. But the warm spices can also be a touch bitter, so we think that some sugar and milk of your choice are nice additions to this morning brew.

The autumn maple coffee is a lighter roast, which is appropriate for the delicate flavor of maple. The beautiful scent is one of the first things you'll notice about this coffee, which made us immediately hungry for pancakes. Of course, Trader Joe's knows what they're doing and is ready to sell us some pumpkin pancake mix to satisfy that craving. Whether you're into the lighter maple coffee or the aromatically spiced pumpkin spice coffee, we think you should mix your coffee routine up with one or both of these options this fall.

12. Non-dairy oat maple beverage

The non-dairy oat maple beverage was one of the first seasonal items to make a reappearance on shelves across the country this year — to which most people were thrilled. Trader Joe's fans were excited to see it hit shelves again, with an Instagram post quickly gathering 35,000 likes.  Some might say that they'd like even more of a maple flavor, to which we'd suggest adding a few drops of maple extract, or even a little maple syrup to your beverage to boost the maple goodness.

For those who regularly drink oat milk, you may notice that the texture is a little thinner than some other brands like Oatly or Planet Oat. Where those brands are more creamy, even resembling full-fat milk, Trader Joe's brands of non-dairy oat beverages tend to resemble the texture of skim or low-fat milk. We're especially excited to try this oat milk with the Pumpkin Spice Coffee or the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea. Additionally, Trader Joe's Food Reviews says that the maple oat beverage is great for French toast and bread pudding, which we think sounds incredible.

11. Pumpkin spiced Joe-Joe's

Yes, there are now three fall seasonal Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies. And each one brings something unique to the dessert table. The new pumpkin spiced Joe-Joe's are both similar to and different from other special holiday cookies, such as the dark chocolate-covered peppermint Joe-Joe's that come in for the winter. These pumpkin spiced cookies are dipped, but not in chocolate. Offering an almost tangy hit of flavor, yogurt is used instead. This is probably a good thing because these cookies are rich enough without chocolate being added to the mix. They are then topped off with a little sprinkling of sea salt.

The smell of the spices is enticing, and the flavor is magnificent. But we cannot stress enough that these cookies are very sweet. The hosts of Inside Trader Joe's actually compare them to candy bars instead of cookies Even the sweetest of sweet tooths may have a hard time eating more than a few at a time.

10. Petite pumpkin spice cookies

One serving of these relatively small pumpkin-shaped cookies is supposed to be four pieces, but don't be surprised if you eat the whole box without even noticing. The box describes them as "Shortbread Cookies with Pumpkin Spice and Yogurt Coating," which is an apt description for these crunchy and spiced little cookies. About half the cookies are dipped in a sweet white yogurt coating and the other half in a sweet pale orange coating that only vaguely resembles pumpkin pie. All of the cookies have contrasting nonpareil sprinkles, which add even more crunch to the whole cookie. Even if you're a soft and chewy cookie kind of person, we think you'll fall for these perfectly spiced snacks. Several reviewers compare these cookies to the Trader Joe's Pinks and Whites shortbread cookies, which are made of shortbread and also yogurt-covered.

This isn't the first year that Trader Joe's has released the petite pumpkin spice cookies, and we're thrilled they've made a comeback this season. The spices in these cookies include cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger, with a little help from molasses and even a touch of cocoa powder. We've seen these cookies priced from $2.99 to $3.29, which either way is an absolute steal for something this fantastic. Just go ahead and pick up a box for every member of your household so you don't have to share.

9. Autumnal Harvest creamy pasta sauce

The Autumnal Harvest creamy pasta sauce has become a fall favorite on Trader Joe's shelves, and for good reason. It's similar to a traditional red sauce that's been bolstered with pumpkin and butternut squash for that autumn flavor, as well as butter and cream for some ultra fulfilling richness. Fans love it because it goes with just about every pasta, and tastes great with a variety of meats cooked into the sauce as well. Not to mention that it probably costs less than some of the comparable pasta sauces at a typical grocery store.

If you're familiar with the Autumnal Harvest soup Trader Joe's offers, you're probably going to be into this pasta sauce. It's a touch thicker and a little bit less chunky than the soup but has a similar flavor profile. The sauce also includes onion, garlic, parsley, rosemary black and cayenne peppers, and sage, putting it firmly in the savory category. So if you were worried your pasta would taste like pumpkin pie, you can lay those fears to rest.

8. Pumpkin ginger mini cones

The pumpkin ginger mini cones are one of the most uncontestedly popular seasonal pumpkin treats Trader Joe's offers. Returning for another year, people were reporting that the cones sold out within the first day they were available, but have hopefully been restocked by now. The miniature ice cream cones are both adorable and the perfect size for an after-dinner dessert, even if you've had several helpings of turkey and stuffing. The cone is gently spiced with ginger, then filled with creamy rich pumpkin pie ice cream before being dipped in a white chocolate coating.

"If you're not a big fan of ginger, the ginger flavor is not that strong," writes Trader Joe's Reviews. "The pumpkin ginger hold the cones are hands-down my favorite flavor!" The best part? Each ice cream cone is only 87 calories, making this basically guilt-free. Have two even. We can't imagine anything better, especially while it's technically autumn, but the temperature is still pretty high. But whatever you do, don't miss out on these perfect little ice cream cones before the winter holidays arrive.

7. Autumnal Harvest soup

Maybe you're surprised to find a soup so high on our list, but once the temperatures really start to drop and it's dark out by dinnertime, you're going to be in the mood for some comforting soup. And the Autumnal Harvest soup from Trader Joe's hits all the right comfort notes. This is a tomato-forward soup that's got just enough pumpkin flavor to round it out. It's also got onion, celery, carrots (the makings of a classic mirepoix), heavy cream, chunks of butternut squash, butter, garlic, and spices. You don't even really need to be a good liar to convince someone that you made this yourself, because it's got such a comforting homemade style to it with straightforward ingredients. We love the chunkiness of the soup, but if you're a strictly smooth soup kind of person, it'll still be fantastic if you blend it up.

We ate our soup with a dollop of sour cream, because the more cream the better, and some cheddar soup crackers. If you're looking to turn this into a more substantial meal, a side of bread, a grilled cheese sandwich, or even a turkey sandwich would be great accompaniments. One jar can serve one extremely hungry person or two moderately hungry people as a full meal, or as a small side soup for three or four people.

6. Pumpkin sticky toffee cakes

The brand new pumpkin sticky toffee cakes are Trader Joe's latest twist on traditional sticky toffee pudding. They come frozen as two individual little cakes in one box and you just pop them in the microwave to heat them up. Once you take them out of the microwave, turn the cup upside down onto a plate, releasing the caramel to ooze down over the cake.

The pumpkin flavor is there in this one. The sweet cinnamon caramel poured over top is pure perfection. It's hard to believe these came out of a microwave. They are perfectly decadent on their own, but you certainly can't go wrong with a scoop of ice cream on top. Add some extra sweetness by using the salted maple ice cream or step up the pumpkin with a scoop of pumpkin ice cream.

The pumpkin sticky toffee cakes are hands down one of the best things to come out for fall at Trader Joe's.

5. Cinnamon bun spread

Cinnamon bun spread might be one of the most coveted spreads in the entire Trader Joe's collection, and it's only available this time of year — so if you've been waiting for it, now's your time to stock up! Essentially, Trader Joe's has taken everything you love about a cinnamon bun (which is everything), liquified it, and packaged it up in a jar for you to pour on anything your heart desires. Or to eat directly out of the jar standing in front of the refrigerator in the middle of the night. Live your life, friend. There's plenty of heavy cream, milk, and butter in this spread, and of course a ton of sugar from honey and brown sugar. But this particular spread isn't about restriction or nutrition. It's about pure unbridled pleasure. 

Pour it on pancakes, ice cream, croissants, or even as a topping for actual cinnamon buns. Pace yourself, or buy in bulk. And remember, it's only here for a few precious months so you might as well indulge while you can.

4. Spiced cider

Trader Joe's spiced cider is a thing of beauty. It's murky, which is how we assumed it was authentic and absolutely full of spices. It's just as sweet as apple juice, and can be enjoyed hot or cold, as-is or mixed up in a cocktail. While we think our opinion is pretty reliable, plenty of others tout the wonders of the Trader Joe's Spiced Cider as well. "I mean it when I say this is the BEST apple cider I've ever tried!" says Trader Joe's Food Reviews. "Juice from ripe apples and brewed spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, orange peel, and lemon peel). This tastes exactly how a spiced cider should with the freshness and sweetness of the apples and the warmth of the fall spices."

What's more, is that a 64-ounce bottle of spiced cider will only run you about $3.29! We're overwhelmed by how incredible it all is. Trader Joe's knows they're on to something too, because the store has been stocking the shelves with it every fall for over 20 years, according to the website — where you can also get a convenient recipe for Spiked Spiced Cider. Sure, you can make a batch of boozy cider for your next holiday party, but we won't judge you if you want to test it out any old night of the week.

3. Honey roasted pumpkin ravioli

While so many of the Trader Joe's seasonal pumpkin offerings tend to lean heavily into the baked goods or sweet treats categories, we think the savory offerings shouldn't be underestimated. Especially because roasted squash is an incredibly creamy and filling autumn ingredient that pairs so well with dairy, vegetables, and meats. This is exactly why so many people were excited to see the honey roasted pumpkin ravioli return to stores this season. 

The pasta filling is made from pumpkin, mixed with ricotta, and mozzarella. It's also sweetened with honey, molasses, and brown sugar, then spiced with both sweet and savory spices. The best part about this pasta is that it can be prepared simply with little more than butter as a sauce, or dressed up with brown butter, herbs, and nuts. It also pairs perfectly with traditional tomato-based sauces and even the Autumn Harvest creamy pasta sauce that we enjoy so much for a more intense seasonal experience. However you choose to prepare this ravioli, we think it's the perfect easy comfort meal to keep in rotation for as long as it's available.

2. Cinnamon roll blondie bar baking mix

"Bought one box and after trying I went back and bought 4 more boxes. It's amazing," reads one five-star review of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Roll Blondie Bar Baking Mix. Another simply said, "Wow!!!!" We understand why. These blondies taste just like a cinnamon roll but come in a slightly less gooey form. According to Inside Trader Joe's, even employees were blown away at a tasting panel.

This is actually a pretty versatile mix. You can pour on all the icing, just use a little drizzle, or leave it off entirely depending on how sweet you want the bars. Chopped walnuts or pecans could be added for an extra crunch. Devour them warm, or wait until they've completely cooled. They could be an indulgent breakfast treat, just like a real cinnamon roll, or served for dessert.

Because you are the baker, you can enjoy these cinnamon roll blondie bars your way. And enjoy them you definitely will.

1. Butternut squash mac & cheese

When polling our friends and coworkers about their favorite seasonal offerings from Trader Joe's, the butternut squash mac & cheese came up time and time again. And it's easy to see why. First of all, if you've never tasted Trader Joe's mac and cheese, you're already in for a treat. The Joe's Diner mac 'n cheese tops our list of popular freezer aisle mac and cheeses for its authentic cheese blend that, when heated could be mistaken for an amazing homemade mac. So when the temperatures start to drop, what could be more comforting than an already exceptional mac and cheese that includes one of the most popular flavors of the season? The butternut squash is savory, vegetal, and ever so slightly sweet — pairing perfectly with the creamy blend of gouda, cheddar, and parmesan cheeses. The mac is also seasoned with onion, garlic, mustard, nutmeg, sage, black pepper, thyme, and cayenne pepper for a beautifully rounded savory experience. We're happy to enjoy this mac as our whole meal, but there's plenty to share or serve as a side dish at dinner for a family of four.

With so many seasonal and new offerings from Trader Joe's to the lineup, we're curious to see what pumpkin-flavored products will keep everyone's attention over the next season, and which favorites will keep coming back year after year. When you're ready to dive headfirst into autumn, use this ranking as a guide to help you choose what to try.