Sonic's New Mocha Crunch Blast Is Perfect For Coffee Lovers

Some would argue that the only thing better than coffee is flavored coffee. In fact, the very existence of the Starbucks Frappuccino is predicated on that craving, having sold about double its expected number in the first week of launching, according to the company's website. And the allure is not only for lovers of Starbucks drinks. Though the chain's pumpkin spice latte may rule fall, other spots like Dunkin' (which is serving hot and cold pumpkin-flavored drinks this season, per CNN), may be coming for the title.

The Wendy's website shows that the chain recently introduced a Frosty-ccino, mixing your choice of vanilla or chocolate Frosty with coffee for a fun excuse to basically have ice cream for breakfast. Dutch Bros Coffee just dropped a caramel pumpkin brûlée breve to rival the spices in a PSL, as well as a cinnamon swirl oat milk latte. And now, even Sonic is getting in on the enhanced coffee game with an interesting new blended drink.

The Mocha Crunch Blast has a true coffee flavor

In addition to its new broccoli cheddar tots, which sound delightful, Sonic just released a limited-time menu item called the Mocha Crunch Blast, according to a press release. The blended beverage includes mocha fudge, chocolate espresso crunch pieces, and ice cream along with coffee for a caffeinated confection that will make any day more decadent. While not quite an icy Frappuccino, as it is more like a creamy milkshake, it does have a strong coffee infusion and added flavoring to boot. It's "the ultimate chocolate-coffee combination," Sonic says.

Melz&Chris, a duo of YouTube food vloggers, tried the concoction, which they likened to "coffee ice cream," and shared their thoughts. In their video, the Blast certainly looks creamy, served with a generous sprinkling of espresso chunks on top. They note that the pieces have a strong coffee flavor that they enjoy, and just one or two bites of the ice cream have them raving over how good it is, calling it "very chocolaty" and "like one of the best soft serves you can get." You can sip it, slurp it, or scoop it — but whatever you do, you're probably going to want to try it!