Kristen Kish Says This Surprising Dish Was One Of The Most Memorable Desserts She's Ever Had

Kristen Kish is someone to celebrate. Per NBC News, Korean born Kish holds the title of being the first woman of color to win Bravo's "Top Chef" with her victory occurring in 2013. Breaking that ceiling was the catalyst that inspired the celebrity chef to take a leap of faith and leave behind the comforts of working with Barbara Lynch, a James Beard award-winning restaurateur. But Lynch held no bad feelings for Kish when she departed. In fact, she was nothing but supportive, telling Kish to "go spread [her] wings." 

And that Kish did. But paramount to her finding her way, per Bravo, has been this key philosophy: Simplicity. And simplicity is at the heart of all Kish does. She told the network, "I find simple things oftentimes more beautiful than the showy elaborate stuff." This approach spills over to Kish's approach to summertime entertaining and is probably why a dish she had in Greece is the "most memorable" dessert the cookbook author says she's had the pleasure to enjoy. It is so surprisingly effortless, it might become your go-to for your next backyard soiree or family cookout.

Kristin Kish is a lover of fruit

Kish revealed to Bravo that the most memorable dessert she's ever had was a summertime food that was served with such ease, but artful sophistication it stuck with her long after she enjoyed it. Kish shared, "One of the greatest, most memorable 'desserts' I ever had was when I was in Greece." And while that international hint made us immediately think of bougatsa, a pastry filled with custard, or Loukomades, which are Greek doughnuts dripping in honey, neither are really easy, nor are they what Kish dished about.

No, the dessert that has Kish gushing is actually watermelon. She explained, "All they did was serve slices of fresh watermelon on crushed ice and just brought it out at the end of the meal and it was absolutely perfect. It's just watermelon, but you're like, 'Dang let's put it on some crushed ice and bring it out right after you're done having savory and go to town on this chilled, gorgeous watermelon.' It can't get any simpler than that." Truth. Of course, watermelon, per the Greek Reporter, is widely grown in Greece, and is considered the perfect light and sweet treat after a heavy or hearty meal.