Aldi Shoppers Are So Excited To Try These Charcuterie-Ready Cheeses

From heart-shaped boxes of cheddar cheese to booze-themed cheeses, Aldi's products are a must-buy for any cheese lover. And there's even more cheesy goodness in stores! This wide variety of cheese isn't just your ordinary block of cheddar, and they're a great way to add flavors that pop to a standout charcuterie board.

Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds posted a whole slideshow of cheeses that will be the perfect addition to a fall-themed charcuterie board. The post included cheeses like #ButFirst Coffee, which includes espresso and lavender, You're Cajun Me Crazy, which has multiple Cajun spices, Some Like It Hatch, which has hatch chiles, and Honey I'd Rather Bee At Sea, which is a cheddar with sea salt and honey. And that's just in the first photo! Other cheeses include a cranberry and cheddar cheese, a rosé cheese, and even a pizza inspired fontina cheese.

If you're going for a simple cheese board and don't need the extra frills and flavors, then Aldi is still the place to go. Toward the end of @aldifavoritefinds' slideshow, we see that Aldi also has a selection of hard cheeses, with plenty of cheddar, Gouda, fontina, and more.

What are Aldi shoppers saying about all this cheese?

While you can enjoy these cheeses on their own, Aldi shoppers have plenty to say about pairings and how to use these cheeses in a dish. Wondering what cheeses with fruit and spice taste like?

"The cranberry white cheddar cheese is amazing!! I got it last year and it's so good by itself or on crackers, but I especially liked it crumbled on a spinach salad. Will definitely buy again!" one Instagram user responded to @aldifavoritefinds' Instagram post. Another Aldi fan said, "Apple wood smoked cheddar is amazing. Goes well with sangria and their gluten-free crackers."

Another commenter wrote, "I'm on a mission to try them all!! The 'You're Cajun me Crazy' is delicious!! Had it last night — not spicy very tolerable." But if you want the heat and spice, then pick up Cabot's Wickedly Habanero Cheddar Cheese instead, which one Instagram user called "beyond delicious" and "quite spicy."

Is there any particular one of these cheeses that catches your eye? If you're looking to complete a charcuterie board with Aldi products, these could be the perfect additions.