Aldi's New Booze-Themed Cheeses Are Ideal For Summertime

Aldi's unique take on flavored cheese will have summer drink fans shouting "hooray." Bringing back this niche food, the grocery chain has people talking. Starting August 25, shoppers can choose from a unique trio of boozy-flavored cheeses by store brand Happy Farms, including Peach Bellini, Piña Colada, and Espresso Martini (via PopSugar). 

All of the cheese varieties are said to be a flavored Wensleydale. For those who may be unfamiliar, Wensleydale is an English cheese, and the Aldi product is said to be imported from the area. Wensleydales are typically a cow's milk cheese, although they may be a sheep cheese, too (via As for texture, a harder cheese that can crumble is typically a whiter cheese variety and boasts a mild, sweet and salty, buttery flavor. 

The first cheese in the lineup is described as the iconic original with added diced pineapples, diced peaches, and piña colada coconut flavoring. The Bellini flavor is infused with fruity Prosecco flavors, peach jam, and diced peaches, while the espresso flavor is the lone dark-colored cheese of the trio, with chocolate-coated coffee beans and espresso martini flavoring. Clearly, at first taste most of us would want to pair these cheeses with their namesake cocktails, especially at $3.49 each  (via Aisle of Shame). But how do they taste?

If you like piña colada — cheese

Aldi had a similar cheese release in 2016, to mixed reviews. The previous flavored cheeses included a Tequila Lime Cheddar and a Piña Colada Cheddar. Expert food writers weren't exactly thrilled with the idea of a cheddar "infused with natural and artificial pineapple and coconut flavor," and neither were many of the readers asked at the time. In a short and unofficial survey, 85% of those asked on Twitter didn't want to try the Piña Colada (via Twitter). Another social media user's reaction to the tequila lime flavor has us understanding why it didn't make a comeback, writing, "but why....Ppl fixin to line there margaritas glasses with cheese slices!? Why else would you make such a weird cheesey, adult beverage love child. WHY!?" (via Instagram).

The piña colada, however, has a bit of a cult-like following — and we're excited to see the reaction to this upscaled version for 2021. Shared taster sweetcornpixie_, "My new summer cheese, wasn't sure about it, now I'm drunk or hooked! I [heart emoji] Aldi!" (via Instagram). And Aldi superfans at Aisle of Shame describe the new piña colada as "rich and tangy flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings while still being light enough to serve as a cocktail compliment or appetizer for a party" and boast that the peach bellini "has a fruity flavor profile without being overly sweet."

Time will tell, but we'll admit — we're still on the fence about the espresso martini.