33% Wouldn't Want To Take Cooking Lessons From This Celebrity Chef

Cooking a meal from scratch can feel incredibly challenging, especially if you haven't spent much time in the kitchen. If you haven't trained at a professional culinary school, some of the hardest dishes, like croissants or beef Wellington, can feel out of reach even if you consider yourself a decent cook. The chance to reach out to a professional chef and take lessons under them could seem like a dream come true for any foodie — and to cater to this market, some services have popped up allowing you to do just that, like YesChef giving you the chance to work with greats like "Masterchef: Legends" judge and Michelin-ranked chef Nancy Silverton.

While some celebrity cooking personalities sound thrilling to work with, others might appear more difficult to study under. A recent Mashed poll asked 612 U.S.-based participants which celebrity chef they would avoid at all costs and would never seek out for a cooking course, choosing among seven big wigs. Starting at the bottom of the list (meaning they are more favorable), 5.72% of respondents chose the ever affable Ina Garten, while David Chang garnered 9.8% of the vote. There's also the equally charming Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray who were tied and only brought in 10.78% of the vote each. Then there's Mario Batali who was named by 12.25% of people as the celebrity chef they'd avoid for a culinary crash course. And even though Paula Deen took in a 17.16% share, there is still one chef that scared away over a third of the polling group.

A chef known for exploding on television is the unsurprising top pick

According to the Mashed poll, a substantial 33.5% of respondents would never want to take a cooking lesson from Gordon Ramsay – which kind of makes sense. If you only know Ramsay from his television appearances, like "Hell's Kitchen," you likely associate his presence with a ton of shouting and insults. Delish notes that some of the insults he's hurled at those under his guidance can get as creative as his cooking, with a good "idiot sandwich" now and then and enough F-bombs to make it his near trademark phrase.

If Ramsay's on-screen demeanor doesn't turn you off, and you're not part of the 33.5% of people that voted to never take a cooking course with him, you might like to know that you actually can be tutored by him, albeit digitally via Masterclass. For everyone else terrified of Ramsay, you can still enjoy his presence as a judge and chef across a wide variety of programs and feel safe with the knowledge that you most likely won't have to come face-to-face with him in a kitchen anytime soon.