How Mountain Dew Fans Really Feel About Its 2021 VooDEW Mystery Flavor

It's that time of year again — time for the 2021 Mountain Dew VooDEW mystery flavor to be released. For the third year in a row, the popular, sweet, fizzy soda brand has released its spooky and seasonal mystery flavor for fans everywhere to taste and wager guesses on what the inspiration for the flavor could be. Previous years have included Candy Corn and Fruity Candy Explosion, and Dew-ers seem eager to find out what this year's flavor is.

According to the VooDEW Wiki fandom page, speculation over this year's flavor dates all the way back to April, when a now-deleted Reddit post suggested there was going to be a "generic sweet candy flavor," after a few select people received test bottles before its official release.

Now that it has been released, many Mountain Dew fans are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on whether or not they like the new flavor and offering guesses on what they think it actually is. According to some, the flavor might be similar to a previous year, but with a bit of a twist (or burst or stretch).

Mountain Dew fans have many takes on the 2021 VooDEW mystery flavor

In the lengthy Twitter conversation, user @afro_desi shared a picture of the canned version of the mystery flavor, writing, "It's not that bad," though they don't offer any speculation on what they think the flavor might be. (And as Taste of Home notes, seeing it in the bottle doesn't help to figure out the flavor, as the color is always an opaque white).

Others are stumped, too. User @Burgundee09 comments, "Finally got my hands on a case of #VooDew for the first time this year. Love the taste but can't pinpoint what it reminds me of..." Some fans think the flavor is based on another sweet candy, perhaps Starburst or Laffy Taffy, but nailing it down exactly has proven to be tough. Some users confidently guess notes of blue raspberry or cherry, while others liken the flavor to tropical punch Kool-aid.

Of course, the sleuths of Reddit seem to have their guesses locked in, with several saying the flavor is definitely Sweet Tarts. We'll just have to wait until Halloween night for the big mystery to be solved, as the Mountain Dew masters reveal all on that night and let us know who in fact was right.