The Grocery Store Item Kaley Cuoco Can't Live Without

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Most people know Kaley Cuoco from her role on "The Big Bang Theory," where she played Penny, an aspiring actor and waitress, who lives in the same apartment building as two scientists, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter. If you have ever watched the sitcom, you know there is a lot of eating that goes on in Apartment 4A. Per Eat This, Not That!, Thai is on tap every Monday night and the cast of characters can be seen noshing on food in takeout containers. If it's Tuesday, then Penny is working at the Cheesecake Factory, taking orders, and if the gang is playing Halo, then lots of chips, soda, and pizza are at the ready for munching.

But what does the "Flight Attendant" actor like to eat when she isn't playing a character? Cuoco shared with Women's Health that if she is going to splurge, you will probably find her at an In-N-Out ordering up a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, and a milkshake. And, per Yahoo Style UK, Cuoco's trainers shared that the star stays away from white rice, bread, and potatoes, but she has not hopped on any meal plans and does not follow any of the diets du jour. But what is the one grocery store item this celebrity must have?

Kaley Cuoco enjoys this popular nut butter

According to New York Magazine, Kaley Cuoco is a fan of almond butter, but not just any almond butter — she adores Justin's Honey Almond Butter. Cuoco revealed that the sweet and salty spread regularly appears in her morning breakfast round-up. Cuoco said, "The first thing I eat when I wake up every morning is this on toast. Sometimes I'll take a spoon to it, or have it with a banana, or put it in smoothies." Sounds like a great way to start the morning! Cuoco went on to share that it was her sibling who first turned her on to this butter. "My sister actually introduced me to the brand. She knows how much I love peanut butter — I don't really know anyone that doesn't like nut butters — and she told me I would love this. They have all these amazing flavors. I love the one with honey, which adds a little extra sweetness to the almond butter. It is absolutely delicious."

How delicious is it? One Amazon reviewer who gave this spread five  stars wrote, "The honey is just right, it gives the almond butter a very subtle sweetness, that just takes the edge off the almonds without being too sweet. I love the texture too," while another said, "Love this stuff.....have to be careful to make it last. Rich and fresh taste." Sounds like it's worth a try.