This Viral TikTok Revealed A Raising Cane's Secret Menu Item

We love when a new secret menu item goes viral on TikTok. Our minds start turning, and our stomachs start growling every time a user in the know posts a video that gives us all the details on how to order an exclusive version of our favorite foods at different chain restaurants. It feels good to be in the know, and they give us a reminder to treat ourselves.

The latest secret menu item video making the rounds on the app comes from user @smackbae, who posts food hacks and snack tips. It's all about a secret menu item at Raising Cane's, the fast-food chain restaurant that specializes in chicken fingers with dipping sauce. The restaurant's concept is to keep the customer experience simple with a limited menu of just chicken fingers. Indeed, founder Todd Graves told Mashed the restaurant would never change its menu, so we are surprised, excited, and intrigued by the flexibility a secret menu hack provides. Excited to try it out? See how you can order the secret item below.

Try ordering Raising Cane's naked chicken fingers

In the video, it's revealed that you can order naked chicken fingers at Raising Cane's for no additional cost. It's their normal chicken fingers, but they don't dip them in the batter before frying them. Needless to say, the result looks mouthwatering in the TikTok video, and some commenters seem very interested in the secret menu item. People interested in low-carb or keto food options were particularly excited by the naked chicken fingers. But the original poster did clarify that while there is no breading on them, these are not 100% gluten-free as they are fried in the same oil as the breaded chicken fingers.

A part two video revealing other Raising Cane's menu hacks was posted shortly after the original went viral. Fans of the restaurant's dipping sauces can order a full cup to slather their tenders with and request Louisiana hot sauce or mayonnaise. The tenders can also be cooked "extra crispy" upon request.