Dany Garcia Reveals Why ZOA Is Different Than Other Energy Drinks - Exclusive

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Earlier this year, a new energy drink debuted: ZOA. Created by a team including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, and John Shulman, it markets itself as a healthy alternative to the sugar-filled, artificial energy drinks on the market. So far, results are promising: CNBC reported in August that it was the number one new energy drink on the market. 

It certainly helps that a man who main-evented Wrestlemania multiple times is the face of the brand, but clearly, the product itself stands out. Mashed recently spoke with Garcia, co-founder of ZOA Energy, about what makes the new drink so special.

"For me and my fellow founding team," Garcia told Mashed, "our relationship with fitness and health and wellness is a priority. Our routines are such an intimate, grounding and informative moment in each of our days and in reflecting on that time, we clearly recognized a distinct white space for a beverage or beverage category that supported this experience with the highest quality ingredients and level of efficacy."

'A re-imagined healthy energy drink'

When asked what made ZOA stand out in the crowded energy drink market, Dany Garcia stated that "ZOA has this beautiful duality — we and by extension, the product, really took into consideration what the consumer was looking for not only as a beverage, but as a true resource. It was crucial, for us, to develop a product and consequent experience that supported consumers through every step of their fitness process and day."

Per the brand's site, the ZOA line includes both 100-calorie and zero sugar options. The product contains vitamin C derived from camu camu and acerola, as well as B vitamins.

Part of ZOA's pitch is that it goes beyond providing an energy boost — it can also help with recovery. That's compelling and certainly piqued our interest enough to ask about it. Garcia said that, "Because ZOA is a re-imagined healthy energy drink packed with natural caffeine and elements that help support immune function and elevate energy levels, it's able to simultaneously work alongside you on performance and execution, while also providing you with a wealth of ingredients to aid in recovery."

You can find out more about ZOA Energy by visiting the brand's website, or try it yourself by ordering through Amazon.