The One Dish You'll Never Find Amanda Freitag Eating

Amanda Freitag has tasted it all. As a judge on the popular food competition show "Chopped," you have to have an adventurous stomach. Otherwise, some of the ingredients in the mystery basket, such as durian, cold smoked kippers, and Rocky Mountain oysters, could make you a bit queasy. And while Freitag admittedly loves a good burger, per Food Network, and enjoys using citrus flavors in her rice, per the Daily Beast, she and the judges on "Chopped" have experienced their fair share of less-than-enjoyable dishes. 

For example, there seems to be a general consensus among the judges that raw eel, which can kill you, is not a dish they want to be eating anytime soon (via Food Network). And Chris Santos revealed to Business Insider that no one likes to dig in to chicken feet if the talons haven't been removed. But toxins and talons aside, there's one dish Freitag says she will never touch. The French have a saying, "chacun à son goût," which means to each his or her own taste, and this one dish that is popular in Japan is simply not to Freitag's taste.

Amanda Freitag is not a fan of this foie gras of the sea

When quizzed about what food viewers would never find her eating, Freitag revealed to Food Network she isn't a fan of monkfish liver terrine. She said, "I tried monkfish liver terrine once and I think it is one of the only things I would never, ever eat again!" Why is the "Chopped After Hours" star putting this food on the chopping block? According to One Cookbook, monkfish liver is known as the "foie gras of the sea" and you can often find it on menus in Japanese eateries under the name "Ankimo."

Per the San Francisco Gate, monkfish liver is believed to be a product of the waste not, want not philosophy, meaning those who caught the monkfish used every bit it. The monkfish liver is typically over 6 inches in length and weighs over one pound. These days, it is actually considered a delicacy and On the Water describes its texture as "smooth" and "creamy" with a taste like "the ocean breeze." 

Freitag may be in the minority on this ingredient because a quick search found that the Twitterverse is digging this fishy creation. On tweeter wrote, "Monkfish liver for lunch. Absolutely divine. Reminds me a bit of foie gras." As for Andrew Zimmern? He shared, "Ankimono, monkfish liver, with caviar and shiso on a puddle of one of my fave all time sauces, [Nobu]'s mustard-miso emulsion. Perfect pairing [at Nobu in Las Vegas]."