Twitter Is Cracking Up At This Burger Joint's Explicit Slogan

If you're a fan of fast food Twitter, then you know that Wendy's, McDonald's, Dunkin', and the rest enjoy taking playful jabs at each other every once in a while. But America's fast food rivals have nothing on a certain burger joint in Seoul, South Korea. Billionbox has raised eyebrows before, with a store window sign depicting a gun-toting Bart Simpson next to a realistic-looking but altered Burger King logo that reads, "Burger Kill" (via Twitter). A separate Twitter post shows another example of Billionbox's edgy marketing: a poster showing an iconic Tupac Shakur photo, with bold red "Billionbox" text over his mouth and the caption, "All mouth on me" (a play on Tupac's album title "All Eyez on Me").

Most provocative of all might be the Billionbox slogan, printed not once but twice on the restaurant's window, and on the packaging for every burger it sells: "We believe that other burgers are s***." Next to a tagline like this, "I'm lovin' it" and "Have it your way" fall a little flat.

Billionbox is one of many restaurants with edgy slogans

Fun-loving Twitter userĀ @NoMagRyan, who says they're a Sega PR rep, got a Twitter conversation started about Billionbox's explicit slogan. All the attention prompted by @NoMagRyan apparently tripled the Korean burger joint's social media following. "They ... said I can have free burgers whenever I visit South Korea," @NoMagRyan tweeted.

"This is either legendary Korean bluntness," @immortal_sea said in the Twitter thread regarding Billionbox, "or another case of a word losing its nuances in translation. I choose to believe it's the former." As blunt as Billionbox's official slogan might be, Twitter user @Rhi_R found the wording had some cover-your-butt nuance. "I love that they did a bit of damage control with 'We believe,'" @Rhi_R wrote. "Can't really argue with it can you?"

Several people on Twitter replied with their own photos of unusually brash restaurant signs. A certain pizza delivery place made no apologies about how fast they, um, arrived. And another Korean restaurant also liked the idea of comparing the competition to fecal matter. The awning over Somy Pizza & Beer in Korea reads, "Life is too short to eat s***ty things."