These 3 Items Are Always In Ina Garten's Freezer

Are you familiar with Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa? This Food Network star who hosted her iconic cooking and home entertainment show from 2002 to 2019 (via IMDB) is pretty much the doyenne of living the good life, which she shares with her partner of more than 50 years, Jeffrey, through delicious food and drink. So when she shares tips and tricks — whether they be about why to keep baking ingredients at room temperature or why to use dried currants, and not raisins, in Irish soda bread — we listen. If Garten likes a rack of lamb, so do we.

Previously, we've learned a little bit about the ingredients and tools Garten keeps at home, which include Hellman's mayo, skin-on chicken breasts, and a pricey brand of pure vanilla extract. Garten has shared also some of her kitchen must-haves with Food & Wine. Let's take a look at what they are so we can immediately stock our own freezers with her favorite items.

Ina Garten always has ice cream on hand

Home cook and entertaining expert Garten's love of liquors is no secret: The former host of the Food Network series "Barefoot Contessa" has shared many a recipe for cocktails, such as pomegranate gimlets and classic daiquiris (via Barefoot Contessa). Garten has even called booze her "secret weapon," telling the Food Network that she tips it into all kinds of recipes, like her rum-spiked pumpkin mousse parfaits. So it comes as no surprise, as she told Food & Wine, that one of the three items Garten always keeps in her freezer is a bottle of vodka.

Which other items can always be found in the Contessa's freezer? Vanilla ice cream and bread are two other staples Garten mentioned, noting that these are two items that are just as good store-bought as homemade — and far less labor intensive, of course (via Food & Wine). Garten said that bread freezes exceptionally well, and recommended cutting it into wedges and wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap before freezing. Vodka martinis, avocado toast, and ice cream sundaes? Count us in, please!