Why Candy Corn Might Be Harder To Find This Halloween

If you look forward to eating candy corn every Halloween, you may be in for a bit of disappointment this year. The Takeout reports that Ferrara, the confectionery company behind Brach's candy corn, was recently hit with a ransomware attack that has significantly disrupted production at the "worst possible time." The infiltration of Ferrara's systems has forced the company's factories nationwide to operate at limited capacities, and that unfortunately means candy corn is being manufactured at a slower rate. 

This is particularly significant because 85% of America's candy corn sales come from Brach's candy corn alone, making it the number one candy corn in the country according to the Brach's website. Earlier this year, Ferrara also announced two new types of candy corn — Nerds Candy Corn and Minions Candy Corn — in an attempt to make the polarizing treat more enjoyable for a wider range of customers. "Now there's a candy corn for everyone," the brand stated in their announcement. Ironically enough, the opposite may end up being true.

Production of other Halloween candies was also affected

In addition to producing candy corn, Ferrara also makes other popular Halloween treats, including Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and SweeTARTS, which means the ransomware attack affected production of all of them. According to the Chicago Tribune, Ferrara has been working diligently with law enforcement to investigate and resolve this issue since October 9. With the biggest candy day of the year quickly approaching, Ferrara assures customers that they'll still get their favorite treats in time. 

"We have resumed production in select manufacturing facilities, and we are shipping from all of our distribution centers across the country, near to capacity," Ferrara confirmed to Chicago Tribune. "We are also now working to process all orders in our queue." Fortunately, even if Ferrara is unable to operate at full capacity by Halloween, candy corn will still be available. The company explained that batches of Halloween candy are initially shipped out in early August. So while candy corn may be slightly harder to find this Halloween, there's a good chance you'll still be able to get some.