How Alex Guarnaschelli Really Feels About Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, candy corn is here to stay. By some accounts, the ubiquitous Halloween candy is one of the most divisive confections in the United States, with naysayers describing it as wax-like "garbage" while fans cite nostalgia as its saving grace, Shondaland reports. The nostalgia concept certainly rings true for Jeff Rubin, founder and CEO of candy retailer IT'SUGAR. After two decades in the candy business, Rubin says he's learned that the secret to candy corn's longevity is its link to autumn rituals, like apple picking, hayrides, and leaf peeping. 

He's also heard plenty of disses about the yellow and orange conical candies — but rarely any with much substance. "I never really hear a good argument from the side of the opposition. Only that it tastes bad and it's gross," Rubin said. Although his thoughts in the Shondaland story are unrelated to a recent Food Network Twitter post asking for people's candy corn opinions, just read the comments, and you'll find that his observations about the sugary debate are on point.

Candy corn: Yay or nay?

Via Twitter, Food Network posed the question, "Is candy corn delicious or disgusting?? There's only one right answer." Chef, restaurateur, and network regular Alex Guarnaschelli was among the first to respond, tweeting just one word, "Disgusting." Her answer set off a firestorm debate among people who hate candy corn and those who love it. A few members of the Twitterverse sided with Guarnaschelli by affirming her one-word opinion or, like @KevinRileyW4, gleefully proclaiming, "I KNEW you were my favorite chef for a reason." However, plenty of users gave candy corn a thumbs up.

"I love candy corn," wrote @ShadowA10682512 along with a drooling emoji, while a mischievous user said they were excited to steal their siblings' candy corn this Halloween. Another pro-corn commenter, @VegasMaggie, shared memories that echo Rubin's remarks about the candy's nostalgia. "Delicious, not so much the flavor as the memories of being a kid that it invokes. I am 55, give me a handful of candy corn and I am transported to 10 y/o, wearing a dress, scarf and earrings. ... Sometimes our taste buds can trick us into believing something tastes good, just because of the memory." What are you reminded of when you bite into a piece of candy corn?