20 Popular Aldi Cereals, Ranked Worst To Best

We all love Trader Joe's — it's one of our favorite grocery stores, and it's fun to take a trip there after work to pick up an easy dinner. But how do you feel about Trader Joe's cousin, Aldi? If you're looking for incredible budget eats, then Aldi is definitely the place to go. They stock copycats of some of your favorite products so you can enjoy the flavors you love without going over your budget. That may be why it's a favorite for so many families around the world. When you combine competitive pricing with good food and a store that's easy to navigate, it just makes sense that people would love shopping there.

And you shouldn't be too surprised that the cereal, like many of the other products lining the shelves, is top-quality. While you can get a few name brands at Aldi, the majority of what you'll find are essentially knockoffs of more easily recognizable brands. Just because the label is different, though, doesn't mean that these cereals aren't good.

We wanted to help you decide which Aldi cereals (which carry the in-house Millville label) to try and which you should forget about buying completely, and that's why we've compiled this list of Aldi cereals, ranked worst to best. First, take a look at what you shouldn't buy, and then make your way down the list to our absolute favorites. Ready to go?

20. Marshmallows and Stars

Anyone who grew up eating Lucky Charms is going to be very familiar with the appearance of the Marshmallows and Stars cereal from Aldi. Unfortunately, this is the worst cereal of them all. It all starts with the frosted oat cereal. This stuff is supposed to taste nice and toasted, but instead, it kind of just tastes like cardboard. When you pour milk into your bowl, those pieces of cereal are going to hold up for all of about three minutes. After that, they're going to turn mushy and will soon disintegrate completely. Not exactly what you want from a cereal.

However, the worst part of this "breakfast" food is the marshmallows. While eating marshmallows for breakfast on a regular basis might have been reasonable in the '90s, today, most people realize that that's not going to make them feel great if they need energy to get through their day. And the worst part is, they're not even tasty. They're way too sweet, and they have a chalky consistency to them that will make you want to spit them out immediately.

Sure, this cereal might be cute to look at, but when it tastes this bad? Just forget it.

19. Fruit Rounds

There was a time in food history when Froot Loops were all the rage. And we totally get it. Brightly colored cereal with a fun mascot is essentially a recipe for getting kids to eat it every morning. The commercials were ubiquitous, and chances are, you've had the stuff stocked in your fridge from time to time. So, we're not surprised at all that Aldi attempted to copy this iconic cereal. In our opinion, though, the original was never that good, and the copycat — Fruit Rounds — is even worse.

While the box says that this cereal is naturally flavored, it definitely doesn't taste like that. Every bite feels like a feverish dream to a perfume shop where every perfume is inspired by a different flavored oat milk-soaked Jolly Rancher. The cereal falls apart instantly, and you'll be left with a fruity, soupy mess that nobody will want to eat.

And to make matters worse, the colors in this cereal aren't as bright as actual Froot Loops, so you don't even get the full effect of the fun of eating artificially colored carbs. This one is seriously disappointing, and you won't be seeing it in our Aldi carts anytime soon.

18. Balance Multigrain Squares

If you're looking for the ultimate boring cereal, we have just what you're looking for right here. It's the Balance Multigrain Squares, and you might just fall asleep at the breakfast table if you choose to eat these Life Cereal knockoffs first thing in the morning. First of all, we don't like that it's trying to advertise itself as being a super healthy breakfast option — it's just a bowl of carbs, after all. There's nothing wrong with eating that for breakfast, but we wouldn't exactly call it a "balanced" meal, especially if it's just eaten on its own.

But that wouldn't be too much of a problem if it actually tasted good. Unfortunately, however, it's far, far from tasting good. While these squares look like they might have a good texture, they don't — there's no crunch there at all. And when you bite into them, you're soon going to realize that it tastes like nothing. There's no character there, not the slightest hint of sweetness. Just imagine oatmeal with even less flavor and less creaminess, and that's what you have here.

This one is better than the two sugar-packed options that precede it, but that doesn't mean it's something we'll be pouring into a bowl anytime soon.

17. Bran Flakes

We have to give it to the Bran Flakes: They do have more flavor than the Multigrain Squares. It's not a particularly good flavor, but at least it tastes like something. There's almost a bitterness to the cereal, and while there's a touch of sweetness to it as well, it doesn't totally cover up that bitter taste. Bran flakes can often have an intensely wheat-y flavor to them, but this one is definitely more pronounced than any other's we've tried in the past.

While they may be slightly more interesting than the competition, that doesn't mean they're something you want to keep stocked in your pantry. They make for an okay breakfast that you can grab on your way out the door, but they're nothing special. This cereal would definitely be a lot better if there were some raisins or another kind of dried fruit added to the mix, but instead, you just get a one-note flavor.

This may be a product you buy for your grandma, but we don't think many others are going to flock to it time and time again.

16. Kid's Krunch

Cap'n Crunch was one of those cereals that had way too many commercials on TV back in the day. At some point, they got annoying. But chances are, you've never forgotten that cereal. That's why the Kid's Krunch from Aldi really takes us back. It's a knockoff of Cap'n Crunch that looks almost exactly like the real thing. In fact, if you pour it into a bowl, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Unfortunately, though, we don't think the same could be said for the flavor.

This cereal is sweet, but that's about the only flavor you have going on here. There's nothing interesting about it apart from the color. But the worst part? There's not actually any crunch involved at all. This cereal isn't particularly crunchy — rather, it gets soggy and soft right after you pour milk on top of it (not exactly the ideal situation when it comes to a good bowl of cereal).

If you want to serve this to your kids, they may not know the difference. But if you grew up eating Cap'n Crunch and want to relive your childhood memories, this is not the way to do it. You're better off finding an alternative.

15. Corn Flakes

What can we say about Corn Flakes that hasn't already been said? This is one of the most basic types of cereal, and it's about as average as can be. There's nothing wrong with it — these corn flakes don't taste bad, and they even have a decent texture to them. But other than that, there's not much going on here. The corn provides a nice, mild, neutral flavor, while there's just a touch of sweetness that brings it all together.

However, we probably wouldn't buy this cereal to actually eat for breakfast. You can use corn flakes as a replacement for bread crumbs in some recipes, though, and it can make a crispy coating on your chicken or fish if that's what you're going for.

What can we say? This brand makes solid corn flakes, but they're nothing special. If you love corn flakes, give them a try. Just don't expect them to be different than the most average corn flakes you've ever tried.

14. Crispy Oats

We're not entirely sure why this cereal is called Crispy Oats when it's basically just knockoff Cheerios. And sure, Cheerios are okay, but are they really anyone's favorite cereal? Just like normal Cheerios, these Crispy Oats mostly just taste like wheat. There's nothing especially exciting going on there. There is a hint of sweetness that makes this cereal slightly more appealing, but that's about it as far as flavor goes. However, we do like the fact that the sweetness is really subtle — you're not going to get too much sugar from this option.

That being said, the use of the word "crispy" is questionable. This cereal is not crispy by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe they were going for "crunchy," but that doesn't really work there either. In fact, the texture is like many other cereals from Aldi in that it disintegrates quickly once you add in the milk. That leaves it soft and falling apart almost immediately. Therefore, if you do get this stuff, you should try to eat it as quickly as possible.

We do like that there's another option for all the Cheerios lovers out there that are looking for ways to save money. But this cereal isn't anything special, so we probably won't be adding it to our carts anytime soon.

13. Cinnamon Crunch Squares

If there's one cereal that truly has a cult following, it's Cinnamon Toast Crunch. These crunchy squares of sugar-y and cinnamon-y goodness are always a hit, so it makes sense that Aldi wanted to copy the original and make a cereal like this of their own. That's where the Cinnamon Crunch Squares come in — we know, they aren't exactly being clever with the names they choose. This stuff is basically what you'd expect from Cinnamon Toast Crunch: little squares of wheat-y goodness that are covered in a dusting of sugar and cinnamon. However, there are a few main differences.

First of all, Cinnamon Toast Crunch seems to have more of a super crunchy bite to it. With the Aldi brand? Not so much. There's also the issue of flavor. While Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty sweet, most of the focus seems to be on the cinnamon. However, with the Cinnamon Crunch Squares, you're more likely to get a lot of sweetness and not as much cinnamon. That may sound great to you, but for cinnamon lovers like us, it was a slight disappointment.

Would we choose Cinnamon Crunch Squares over the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Definitely not. But if you're at Aldi and are okay with trying a knockoff, this cereal isn't necessarily a bad option.

12. Fit and Active Vitality Cereal with Red Berries

Now, we love a healthy cereal just as much as the next person. And while you may assume that a healthier cereal may not be as good as the sugar-packed stuff, that's just not the reality. In truth, there are some tasty options out there that are healthier than you may assume. Take the Fit and Active Vitality Cereal with Red Berries. This stuff is supposed to be like Special K, and it's definitely a solid option. It features more fiber than a lot of breakfast cereals, and it isn't packed with an obscene amount of sugar, which we're incredibly grateful for. The cereal on its own is super crunchy (unlike a lot of other Aldi cereals), and it has just a touch of sweetness to it.

Aldi also decided to add red berries to the mix for some added flavor and a pop of beautiful color. We think this was a great idea, but the execution is a bit off. These dehydrated berries aren't too appetizing, even after they've been soaking in the milk for a while. You're probably better off just cutting up your own strawberries and adding them fresh to your cereal. However, if you're looking for a quick and easy option that will allow you to work more fruits into your diet, this is a great way to go!

11. Cocoa Rice

We all love Rice Krispies, but what if Rice Krispies were made of chocolate? Well, enter Cocoa Krispies which is obviously the inspiration for Cocoa Rice from Aldi. Now, let's start with the obvious: Is this the healthiest breakfast you'll ever eat? No. You can pretty much bet that anything that has chocolate in it probably isn't going to be the most nutritious way to start your day. But sometimes, it comes down to taste and not just nutrition, and that's why we think that the Cocoa Rice from Aldi is a good treat. It's chocolatey, and it's really sweet — but in a good way. Plus, we love the sound that the cereal makes after you pour the milk over top. The popping and crisping sound makes it even more appealing.

The only problem here is — you guessed it — the texture. This stuff gets soggy really easily, but it surprisingly holds up better to milk than some of its competition. If you're okay with your Cocoa Rice falling apart as you finish your bowl of cereal, you should give this stuff a try.

10. Raisin Bran

You know how we just weren't big fans of the bran flakes from Aldi? It's a depressing cereal, and we don't want any part of it. Well, if you like the idea of eating bran flakes but want to enjoy a cereal that's actually appetizing, then you can't look any further than Aldi's own Raisin Bran. It all starts out with those bran flakes that are surprisingly crunchy and crispy. We love that they hold up well in the milk, even if you leave the bowl out for a few minutes. But the real magic here comes in the form of the raisins.

Bran flakes on their own are really boring, but when you add raisins to the mix, you'll be able to taste a significant difference. The sweetness of raisins pairs really well with the slight bitterness of the bran flakes: The two ingredients complement each other nicely. And since you have a chewy, sticky texture mixed with a crunchy one, you're going to get a new experience in each bite. While Raisin Bran may not be our favorite Aldi cereal, it is certainly an appealing option.

9. Honey Wheat Puffs

If you're looking for a simple flavor that still have plenty of sweetness to work with, then Aldi's Honey Wheat Puffs are right up your alley. While the wheat puffs themselves are relatively mild as far as flavor is concerned, the addition of honey flavoring really takes things to the next level. Plus, the flavor of the honey isn't too strong or cloying — it's just the right amount of sweetness.

We also love that this riff on Kellog's Honey Smacks (note the cereal's beloved Dig'em Frog mascot has been replaced by a dragon) holds up really well in liquid. Since these puffs are so hearty and thick, they can stand to float around in your milk for a while without completely losing their shape and texture. If you're looking for something sweet and crunchy from the Aldi cereal aisle, we think we have just what you're searching for with the Honey Wheat Puffs.

8. Frosted Shredded Wheat

Listen: We know that not everyone likes shredded wheat. It appeals to a specific audience, and some aren't going to want to try it at all. But if you've ever tried shredded wheat cereal in the past and liked it, then you're definitely going to want to try out the Frosted Shredded Wheat cereal from Aldi. It's quite difficult to find the perfect combination of sugar and shredded wheat when it comes to this kind of cereal, but Aldi has done it well: You're not going to get any pieces that are way too sweet, and you won't find anyone that are incredibly bland because they just don't have any frosting on them.

Plus, we love how thickly woven the pieces of cereal are, ensuring that even once they've been submerged in milk, they will still hold up for quite some time without falling apart. This cereal feels like it's on the healthier side, but it still has all that sweetness you want. What's not to love about that?

7. Crispy Rice

The Cocoa Rice is good, sure, but what if you want something that's closer to the real thing? In that case, you should pick up a box of Crispy Rice the next time you're at Aldi. This stuff is pretty much indistinguishable from real Rice Krispies. They don't have a very intense flavor, but just a touch of sweetness makes them delicious. It may just be the ideal neutral cereal for when you want something filling without a strong flavor. We love that signature snap, crackle, pop that comes through in the knockoff, just like it does with the real thing. And while this cereal does get soggy pretty quickly, that's standard for name-brand Rice Krispies as well.

And yes, while these are fantastic on their own, you can also use Aldi's Crispy Rice cereal in Rice Krispies treats if you're trying to make some snacks for the ones you love. Make sure you pick up a box of this stuff soon.

6. Honey Graham Squares

What if you like the general idea of Cinnamon Toast Crunch but want something that has a less of an intense flavor? In that case, you should be on the lookout for the Honey Graham Squares from Aldi, which take a cue from the popular General Mills cereal Golden Grahams. They have a thick, woven-like texture to them, which means they hold up really well in milk and won't get soggy easily. They're also pretty sweet, so you know you're getting a flavorful cereal, but the sweetness definitely isn't over the top. You can actually taste the flavor of the honey, too, which we absolutely love.

While we enjoy eating the Honey Graham Squares from Aldi for breakfast with milk, we think they're also great as an on-the-go snack. Put them in a plastic bag or another small container, and you'll have an easy snack that you can pull out at just about any time. No matter how you decide to eat this cereal, it should definitely be on your must-try list for shopping at Aldi.

5. Fit and Active Fruit and Yogurt Vitality Cereal

Now, you already know that we like the Fit and Active Vitality Cereal from Aldi, a cereal that's trying to replicate the deliciousness of the Special K cereal you already know and love. And while the stuff with the dried red berries is good, we think that the Fit and Active Fruit and Yogurt Vitality Cereal is even better. It all starts out with those flakes we know and love that feature just the right amount of sugar. But the real star of the show in this cereal is the little balls of yogurt. They add an interesting, acidic touch to an otherwise standard cereal, and it makes us want to eat every bite. And the best part? You don't even have to remember to pick up a separate container of yogurt from the store.

Of course, if you don't like yogurt, then this probably isn't the best cereal for you. But for the rest of us who are looking for a way to spice up our breakfasts, this cereal is definitely the way to go. Give it a try.

4. Rice Squares

Did you ever eat Rice Chex as a kid? If so, you're probably going to fall head over heels for the Rice Squares from Aldi. This is an unbelievably simple cereal, but there's just something about it that we can't get enough of. The cereal is made from rice, so it has an especially crunchy texture to it. Every bite you take is going to be crunchy and satisfying, even if your cereal has been sitting in milk for a few minutes. While there is some sweetness in the mix, it's super, super subtle. If you don't like sugary breakfast cereals, this one should still satisfy.

The shape of this cereal is ideal too. Basically, the lattice structures form a kind of pocket that really takes the crunchiness to the next level. There's something that's just so satisfying about it. And since it's made with rice, this cereal is actually gluten free. What's not to love about that?

3. Kookies

Now, there are some cereals out there that are meant to be a part of a healthy, balanced breakfast before you take on your day. And then there are other cereals out there that are just meant to be served as a fun treat. Aldi's Kookies cereal (inspired by Cookie Crisp) definitely falls into the second category, and we're here for it. It's basically just what it sounds like: small cookies that have been made into cereal. Yes, it's basically dessert, and yes, it's also absolutely delicious.

Of course, these are on the sweeter side, but that's probably exactly what you want when you're looking for a dessert-like cereal like this one. The cookies have some crunch to them, but they're not so crunchy that you'll break a tooth on them.

These are definitely going to be a huge hit with the kids, but we think that they're also great for adults who want to indulge from time to time. You deserve to have fun too, after all!

2. Fit and Active Vitality Cereal Vanilla Almond

If you want a crunchy cereal that's going to leave you full and satisfied all day, then you shouldn't look further than the Fit and Active Vitality Cereal Vanilla Almond flavor at Aldi. First of all, this cereal really comes through with the crunch. Part of that comes from the bran flakes, of course, but the almond slices are also responsible. The vanilla flavoring is perfect, and it only adds to the subtle sweetness in the rest of the cereal. The best part for us, though, is the fact that you're getting extra protein and fat from those almonds. This cereal will seriously help you get your day off to the best possible start, which is why we love it so much.

This is a great cereal to have on hand for those days when you want a filling breakfast but just don't have time to boil an egg before work. It's not a dessert cereal, and it will keep you going for hours to come. And the best part? It's delicious too!

1. Honey Crunch 'n Oats

Finally, we've made it to the best of the best:  Honey Crunch 'n Oats. You can find this Honey Bunches of Oats knockoff in two different flavors, one with almonds and one without. We like the one with the almonds better, but they are both fantastic options, and those who don't eat nuts will prefer the latter. Regardless of whether you get the kind with almonds or not, though, there are tons of other parts of this cereal that make it delicious. From the crunchy oats to the crispy flakes, this cereal is an all-around success.

The honey flavor is noticeable but not overpowering, which means you're going to get the ideal level of sweetness. And with so many different textures going on, you know that every bite is going to be a little bit different. If you're the kind of person who likes a bit of novelty, you're going to go wild for this cereal. Pick some up the next time you find yourself at Aldi, and who knows? You may just have a new favorite cereal to keep stocked in your pantry.