The Untold Truth Of Cookie Crisp

The day that Cookie Crisp cereal first hit grocery store shelves back in 1977 was the day that every kid in America's dream came true (via Logan Busbee). After all, there was finally a perfectly acceptable — and somewhat healthy — way to basically eat a bowl of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. The sugary cereal has remained a favorite among kids and adults alike ever since, with one study reporting that a little over seven million Americans eat one to four servings of Cookie Crisp per week.

While you might know some things about Cookie Crisp (like the fact that it's incredibly delicious or that it also comes in other flavors like sprinkles and birthday cake), there are also some things you might not know. One in particular is the history of the cereal's mascot. Because while it's currently Chip the Wolf, whose nickname is the "Crafty Cookie Catcher," it certainly wasn't always that way.

Cookie Crisp has had multiple mascots

While Frosted Flakes has Tony the Tiger, Honey Nut Cheerios has BuzzBee, and Froot Loops has Toucan Sam to back it, Cookie Crisp has had more than its fair share of mascots over the years. It's had four, to be exact, according to Once Upon a Man. The OG Cookie Crisp mascot was Cookie Jarvis, a wizard whose super power was being able to turn anything into the chocolatey cereal. He presided over Cookie Crisp until he was replaced by the Cookie Crook in the early 1980s. The thief was joined by a secondary mascot: Officer Crumb. The two characters had an ongoing feud for years, with Officer Crumb always saving the day — and the cereal — by preventing the Cookie Crook from stealing it.

Then, in 1990, Officer Crumb got a sidekick in the form of Chip the Dog, who helped him fight cereal-related crimes. Chip grew up over the years and, in 2006, was redesigned to become Chip the Wolf, the sole mascot of Cookie Crisp cereal these days.