Martha Stewart's Birthday Dish For Snoop Has Instagram Confused

Hooray! Snoop Dogg's birthday is today, it's not just any birthday: The rapper has hit the big 5-0. Naturally, the rapper's BFF, Martha Stewart, made a birthday treat for her "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" partner in crime. Stewart posted a photo of the dish on her Instagram account — and we call it a dish instead of a cake because, well, we're not sure what it is. 

We're not the only ones: The picture (which she captioned, "Happy big 50 SNOOP!!!!!!") has become a conundrum for Instagrammers. In the photo, Stewart holds a cake platter with many large, colorful candles sticking out of a white substance that has us all wondering, is that icing, minus the cake? Echoing our thoughts, user @thingsweregood commented, "You didn't even make him a cake, mama? That's just a bowl of candles in some icing it looks like." Perhaps the correct answer to our question, given the history of Stewart and Snoop's friendship, is that the birthday dish is actually a big plate of mashed potatoes.

Lighting up a bowl... of mashed potatoes?

"Is that a bowl of mashed potatoes?" one commenter asked on Stewart's Instagram post, to which @dianevanasse replied, "i think they made mash potatoes when he first appeared on her show." And @dianevanasse would be right. According to Stewart's website, her friendship with Snoop Dogg began the first time Snoop appeared on "The Martha Stewart Show" back in 2008. In the episode, available on YouTube, they chatted while preparing a recipe for mashed potatoes penned by Stewart's mother. It was during this segment that Stewart was introduced to Snoop's unique vocabulary — including the classic "fo shizzle." 

Stewart thought their pairing was a bit "weird" initially, and Snoop agreed to some degree. "Yeah, we were odd," Snoop said. "But we fit right in. You know, cooking with Martha just seemed like the right space to be in." And so, from a simple bowl of buttery spuds, what Instagram user @jessicaturnerphotography calls her "fav power couple" was born. What better way to celebrate a friendship and monumental birthday than with the dish that first brought the pair together? Suddenly, a mashed potato birthday cake makes a lot more sense.