Giada De Laurentiis' Finger Sandwiches Are The Perfect Spooky Snack

'Tis the season to put on your wizard cloaks, vampire fangs, fake red blood, and whisk away on your broom to a Halloween party or two. Though if you're the one that's hosting a party of monsters and supernatural creatures, things can get a tad stressful as you have to find a way to transform everyday foods and party snacks into creatively spooky, Halloween-worthy treats.

Luckily, the Italian food queen and mum of one, Giada De Laurentiis, has a nifty little snack up her sleeve to share for some inspiration. In Food Network's month-long "Ghostober" celebration on Discovery+, De Laurentiis revealed a recipe for "Bloody" Matcha Chicken Finger Sandwiches. The recipe calls for ingredients that you probably use every day, which you can "then take to another level" and make "creepy but fun and tasty" snacks.

The recipe is a sinister spin on a favorite food of De Laurentiis' daughter Jade — chicken fingers. Per the recipe (as seen on Food Network), you simply mix panko breadcrumbs with matcha powder and then dip chicken tenders in a three-step dredge of flour, egg wash, and panko-matcha mix. You should then add a sliver of almond on top of the thin side of the chicken finger to represent a fingernail. Serve it sandwiched in between a hot dog bun after baking, and then drizzle some ketchup on top. And there you have it — ghoulish green monster fingers covered in "blood!" You could also swap the hot dog buns out and serve the chicken fingers dipped in ketchup or Sriracha as is for a gluten-free version (via Giadzy).

Giada has plenty more deliciously spooky treats for Halloween

While the "Bloody" Matcha Chicken Finger Sandwiches are quite frankly a genius Halloween spin on a party favorite, it's not the only spooky treat Giada De Laurentiis serves up at hers or her daughter's Halloween parties. One more party snack shared on her blog Giadzy – Witches' Brooms — is bound to be a hit amongst kids and adults alike. To create them, simply take a half-stick of string cheese, make tiny incisions on the bottom and fray out like a broom, and then push in a thin pretzel stick on top for the broomstick. Tie a thin string of chive along the cuts on the cheese stick, and you'll have a snack that's easy to make and looks just like that Halloween standard.

You could also put a spooky spin on another holiday classic with a deathly take on pigs in a blanket. To make her Sausage Mummies recipe, as seen on Giadzy, De Laurentiis recommends pinching three pieces of boxed puff pastry into one giant string and then wrapping it around a precooked Italian chicken sausage, leaving some area on the top to show the sausage unwrapped. On this open part, add two tiny dots of ketchup or mustard to make it look like the eyes of a mummy wrapped in a bandage.

If you'd rather stick to something a tad more healthy for kids, De Laurentiis recommends on her blog to put a good ol' slice of grape on top of a small orange to make it look like a pumpkin. Or, place two small chocolate chips onto half of a banana to make cute little scary ghosts. Any way you choose, you'll have a great feast for your spooky party!