This Family-Owned Dairy Just Broke Their Own World Record For Longest String Cheese

Wisconsin has something else to feel proud about these days. According to "Today," Wisconsin's own Weyauwega Star Dairy pulled off a remarkable feat a few days ago. The family that owns the dairy set an impressive record when they worked with a fair number of Weyauwega's 1,700 citizens to create the longest chain of string cheese in the world, measuring 3,832 feet — nearly three-quarters of a mile. Here's a cool piece of information: the earlier record was set by the same dairy in the 1990s by Jim Knaus, and again in 2006 by his family.

Gerard Knaus' son, Jim, is proud to continue to honor his father's impressive work. He said, "We're just adding onto his record. That's all we're doing." As you can guess, this was a really tough feat to pull off in the first place and required a decent amount of planning, including shutting down the town's Main Street, reports Fox 11 Online. But the family was determined to succeed. Of course, it helped that they had a lot of enthusiastic and kind neighbors rooting for them.

It is an unbelievable achievement

As reported by "Today," the dairy worked with their Weyauwega neighbors, who stood in a line together, about seven feet apart, holding on to a piece of the giant string cheese. Believe it or not, a tractor was needed to uncoil the cheese so that participants could grab a part of it. A local resident was left feeling impressed and couldn't help remarking, "I've never seen this before and I want my piece of string cheese." (A lot of us can relate.)

It took 90 minutes to break the record, as many people worked patiently with each other while passing the string to others around them. According to Fox 11 Online, the string could probably be compared to being equal to around 30,000 separate sticks of string cheese. Also, as a fun treat, those who were a part of the mission took home some cheese as a reward for their hard work. Meanwhile, George Knaus is waiting to hear back from Guinness World Records and he hopes that their record will once again become official.