The One Ingredient Buddy Valastro Won't Touch

Buddy Valastro might be known as the "Cake Boss," but he's certainly the king of all things sweet. Valastro has conquered his dream of become a household name, as well as becoming the winner of Buddy vs. Duff in the latest season despite recovering from a gruesome hand injury he sustained last year. He even launched a brand new digital brand, Buddy V's Cake Slice, that allows fans all across America to order a fresh slice of cake made in New Jersey to be delivered right to their home within 30 minutes. It's Valastro's way of answering his fans' quest for instant gratification. 

Though they can easily get one of his best-selling flavors in no time, the food personality has now moved on to the next big idea — dreaming up an entirely new kind of dream dessert as he explained in his recent interview with Mashed. While Valastro is always ready and willing to make almost anything sweet, there is one very common sweet ingredient that he refuses to touch. In fact, it might surprise you because it is such a time and mess saving hack for many home bakers. 

Buddy Valastro despises this grocery store ingredient

As it turns out, Valastro refuses to have anything to do with whipped cream from a can, according to The Recipe. There are tons of other celebrity chefs out there who love processed foods such as Sean Brock with slices of American cheese, but Valastro won't budge on this processed food item (via Food & Wine). "I don't judge people who enjoy it; I just can't do it. It's not the same," Valastro said (via The Recipe). 

Though it doesn't take very long to whip up fresh cream, it is slower and messier than pulling a can out of the fridge. For Valastro, the flavor you get using fresh cream that has been whipped up is well worth the additional effort. So, you won't ever catch him standing at the fridge late at night squirting whipped cream directly into his mouth. However, if you are looking to elevate any dessert in a simple way, you might want to try making homemade whipped cream for added flavor and flare.