Reddit Can't Get Enough Of This Aldi Olive-Filled Cheese Spread

Oh, Aldi, how we love you. We love your low prices, your wide selection of grocery items, and your convenience. With more than 2,000 stores in 38 states according to ScrapeHero, it's becoming easier and easier to stroll its aisles and stuff our faces. Aldi, much like Trader Joe's, frequently adds new items to its shelves, refrigerators, and freezer cases, and when it does, its legions of fans take notice.

One category of Aldi items that shoppers can't seem to get enough of is its party-ready repertoire of spreads and dips. From Greek-inspired hummus and creamy dill dip to Nutella-style hazelnut spread, the store has got you covered — and it's also got a tempting cheesy olive spread that has Redditors singing its praises. Yesterday, user sesmithtn posted a photo of Aldi's Muffuletta Olive Spread, which consists of smooth Neufchatel cheese combined with Cajun spices and the mixed olive salad that graces a muffuletta, that classic New Orleans sandwich.

Shoppers are loving this New Orleans-style spread

Over on the subreddit r/aldi, fans of the budget grocery store track the successes and failures of various products. Yesterday, Reddit user sesmithtn alerted fellow posters to an intriguing dip: Muffaletta Olive Spread. "Well this didn't last 24 hours. Sooooo good!" the caption read. In the comments, shoppers agreed, noting the New Orleans-style spread's addictive nature.

"We ate ours with celery sticks and almost ate the entire thing in one sitting," user Garth_McKillian wrote. "It's basically cream cheese and olives. So good!" "Gah – I ate like 1/2 the tub today with Wheat Thins," added MinneAngie. "I am so weak in the face of cheese!"

Those who have visited the Big Easy will be familiar with the muffuletta sandwich, but if you're unfamiliar, it's a round, sesame-seeded Sicilian bread stuffed with cold cuts, provolone cheese, and chopped olive salad that originated in the city's French Quarter at the turn of the century (via Muffuletta Festival). The sandwich is still a New Orleans favorite, available at city icons including Central Grocery and Verti Marte. So if you're craving that briny, olive-y taste but can't make it down to NOLA, this cheese spread might be just what the doctor ordered.