Aldi's Green Bean Casserole Pizza Has Fans Disgusted

For many fans, Aldi's Weekly Finds are one of the best things about shopping at the popular store. While you never know what is going to turn up in Aldi Finds each week, shoppers will frequently discover great deals, hidden gems, and even new items they didn't know they wanted until they saw them advertised. However, Aldi's upcoming Finds can also sometimes feature some more, shall we say interesting, products as well. Recently, the grocery store featured a new pizza that has some shoppers shaking their heads in bewilderment and disgust.

Aldi's new Mama Cozzi's Green Bean Casserole Deli Pizza combines the flavors of the classic Thanksgiving dish with a more traditional pizza pie. The thin-crusted, ready-to-bake pizza features creamy mushroom sauce, green beans, and fried onions with standard pizza ingredients like onions, mozzarella, and white cheddar cheese. It's on sale now for just $4.79, according to Aldi. One shopper who stumbled across this strange find couldn't help posting it to Reddit, asking fellow fans "who is brave enough?" to try the new product. Predictably, many shoppers responded to the mish-mashed dish with revulsion and horror. "I just threw up a little in my mouth..." replied one person, while another simply said, "Nobody wants that." And perhaps our favorite comment: "Um, no? nada? nyet? nowayjose?"

Yet some people were intrigued by the Green Bean Casserole Pizza

However, not everyone was so quick to dismiss this unique casserole/pizza hybrid. More adventurous eaters could see some promise with this interesting new dish, or at least were intrigued enough to consider trying it themselves. "Except for the green beans, it just sounds like a decent 'white pizza.' Onions and fried onions sounds like a little overkill though. I'm a big fan of the traditional green bean casserole (a Thanksgiving 'must have'). I'd be tempted to add some chicken to it," one person remarked on the Reddit thread. Another adventurous Aldi fan said they were "100% on board," explaining, "I just like trying things, I can't help it."

Whether the new Aldi release turns out to be a hit or a miss, some fans see it as just another example of why they love shopping at Aldi. "Honestly stuff like this is what keeps me at Aldi. You never know what you're going to find, how delicious it might be, and variety is the spice of life! I've made way more adventurous dishes because I started shopping there!" gushed one person. So regardless if Aldi fans find this green bean pizza to be a marvel or a monstrosity, almost everyone can probably agree that shopping at Aldi is certainly never boring.