Ryan Reynold's McRib Cocktail Has Instagram Freaking Out

There's no way around it: Ryan Reynolds exudes charm. The Canadian actor has been on a roll lately and The Wall Street Journal recently recognized his rising success. In addition to his many acting roles and business ventures, Reynolds also co-owns Aviation American Gin. Though Food & Wine notes he sold the brand to British company Diageo in a deal worth over $600 million in 2020, Reynolds continues to be involved in marketing the gin, which he claims to love "more than any other spirit." Since he became co-owner in 2018, Reynolds' humorous advertisements have made Aviation one of the more popular "super-premium" gin brands out there.

The actor's most recent endorsement ad has his Instagram followers newly obsessed with his overwhelming charisma — and his unquestionably delicious cocktail creation. He calls it a Gin Riblet (a play on a gimlet) in honor of McDonald's popular McRib sandwich, which is finally back after a hiatus just in time for its 40th anniversary on November 1 (via CNN). What better inspiration for a cocktail made with American gin than a quintessentially American sandwich?

What's in the rib inspired cocktail?

Even vegetarians will be able to enjoy this boozy, meat-free take on the McRib. In the short video posted on his Instagram, Reynolds walks the viewer through how to mix this flavor-packed cocktail: Fill a glass with ice, 4 ounces of tomato juice, half an ounce of BBQ sauce, a squeeze of lemon, and 1.5 ounces of Aviation gin. Shake up the contents, strain them, and garnish the cocktail with a pickle and an onion. Then, sit back and enjoy what he describes as "Bloody Mary's hotter cousin." 

Canadian fans like @missmotown23 immediately piped up and pointed out that he was missing a key ingredient used north of the border, "Don't forget you're Canadian... Clamato!" Indeed, Canadians use Clamato, a blend of clam and tomato juice, to mix up a Caesar, their version of a Bloody Mary (via Thrillist). However, it might have taken a bit more explaining than his short delivery allowed for, which fan @besa171 agreed was on-brand: "Always epic with the one-liners."

Reynolds has a knack for sales, as evidenced by commenters such as @harrisfamilyhobbies who wrote, "Disgusting, I love it [because] Ryan Reynolds." Overall, the comments are positive — whether it's because of Reynolds' innate charm or because people really like the McRib sandwich is anyone's guess. @eshanne did offer a tweak to suggest, which was probably on many people's minds: "I think it needs a bit of crispy bacon garnish."