Fans Are Loving Ryan Reynolds' Hilariously Relatable Father's Day Cocktail

With Father's Day coming up, actor Ryan Reynolds shared an Instagram post with a cocktail recipe in celebration: "This Father's Day. Follow the procedure below to enjoy a refreshing @AviationGin cocktail I've dubbed 'THE VASECTOMY' for no reason in particular." Besides gin, the cocktail's ingredients include tonic water, cranberry juice, and lemon juice.

In the accompanying video, Reynolds illustrates making the cocktail, delivered with his signature sarcasm: "First, fill a tall glass with ice. The way children fill our lives with so much joy. Next. Pour 1 oz of cranberry juice. Sweet. Just like their little smiles. Then. Pour 3 oz of tonic. So bubbly. Just like I feel every day I wake up after a long full night's sleep. Now. Add a dash of lemon juice. Fresh if you have a few minutes to squeeze one or store bought if the little ones have you running around a little bit today, the little scamps. Finally. We're going to add 1.5 oz of Aviation American Gin. The world's highest rated gin for the world's highest rated job. Dad." After a redo to limit the pour to just 1.5 oz (instead of half the bottle), Reynolds ends with, "Happy Father's Day, everyone."

Ryan Reynolds' video has his fans in tears

Ryan Reynolds' video has been viewed nearly 4 million times, with the post garnering more than 11,000 comments. Some fans can clearly relate, with one posting, "[face with tears of joy emoji] story of our lives." In fact, that particular emoji was one of the most common reactions, along with the rolling on the floor laughing emoji and the clapping hands emoji. "OMG I am dying!" wrote one fan, while another posted, "I choked on air laughing." "Brilliant," "hilarious", and "genius" were also common reactions. Some posted that they plan to try the drink soon, while others reported that they had already tried the drink and that it was delicious.

Several fellow celebrity parents also jumped in with reactions. Actor Monica Ruiz wrote, "Trying to watch this while my kids demolish the house. Can I get 6 of those please?" MMA fighter Marcus Aurelio, who could also relate, wrote, "Most of the ice falling on the floor sure got me thinking about my children [rolling on the floor laughing emoji]." Architect Jeffrey Dungan added, "Hilarious [face with tears of joy emoji] and brutally honest!" while soccer star David Beckham wrote, "Amazing [fire emoji] @vancityreynolds [face with tears of joy emoji]."