Sam's Club's Decadent New Cheesecake Is Perfect For Brownie Lovers

There's something magical about shopping at Sam's Club. There's the impressive range of bulk items like tubs of cheese curls and toilet paper, the quaint little stalls where free samples are offered, and the café where you can grab a hot slice of pizza, a pretzel, and a soft drink for only a few dollars. A membership here allows you access to enormous savings, special access to Member's Mark products, and you can even get a free refund on your membership if you decide to cancel it at any time. If you don't have a membership to shop at this warehouse wonderland, don't fret! You can shop online without one — albeit, paying a small 10% surcharge. 

But we're not here to wax philosophical on all great things about Sam's Club — even if they do have some pretty fab savings. Instead, we're here to talk about the food. Sure, getting a hot dog and a cup of Coke for a $1.50 (via TheList) is pretty awesome, and you can never go wrong with ordering a few tubs of pretzels to snack on. But what if you're in the mood for something a bit more substantial? A bit sweeter? Fortunately for all the dessert lovers out there who just can't decide on bringing brownies or cheesecake to your looming Thanksgiving gathering, Sam's Club has just the thing for you that is the best of both worlds.

Sam's Club offers a cheesecake topped with brownies

Imagine a whole cheesecake, New York-style, with a golden graham cracker base and a hefty layer of rich, smooth cream cheese. But on top of it, rising upwards like a great pyramid of chocolate, are whole brownies. Not just chunks or crumbs, but actual cubes of delicious, moist, fudge drizzled brownies with flowing rivers of caramel and bursting with chopped pecans. This is Sam's Club genius Brownie-Topped New York-Style Cheesecake (as seen on the official website).

Coming in at 86 ounces, this monument of decadence is certainly something to behold. While Sam's Club offers plenty of sweets all year-round, such as cookie trays and cupcakes, nothing seems to be as bold and as show-stopping as this brownie cheesecake. Sam's Club even boasts that the dessert has four inches of toppings, composed entirely of brownies, pecans, and caramel. With 380 calories per serving and capable of serving 12-16 people, this sweet treat could pass as a full meal for those who want to skip the banalities of dinner and dig right into the sweet stuff from the get-go.

But how much does something like this cost? While a similar item, such as New York cheesecake legend Junior's Brownie Explosion Cheesecake costs about $43.95 (as seen on their site), the Sam's Club Member's Mark brownie cheesecake costs a sensible $16.98. For as something as deliciously tempting as this for under $20, it wouldn't make sense not to get it.