How Ree Drummond Really Comes Up With Her Pioneer Woman Recipes

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, whips up some pretty tasty recipes. If you are like us, come dinner time, you are combing through her blog looking for the perfect easy recipe to make for your family. The home cook, who has achieved celebrity status in the culinary world, had humble career beginnings. She probably never dreamed that fans would literally eat up her meals. Fast forward to the present day and Drummond, her ranch lifestyle, and her comfort cooking have become a household staple. In the summer of 2021, Drummond launched her cookbook "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Super Easy! 120 Shortcut Recipes for Dinners, Desserts, and More," and it has every recipe we have ever wanted (via her website).

But have you ever wondered how The Pioneer Woman comes up with her recipes? From those intensely delicious funeral potatoes (and all of their comforting and cheesy goodness) to her Mini Hawaiian Chicken Skewers, and her teenager-friendly Loaded Chicken and Tater Tots, Drummond is always providing us with recipes that will equal satisfaction for our taste buds and satiation for our tummies. But how does Drummond go about putting pen to paper when she is creating these recipes we love so much? Well, thanks to her kids, we are starting to get a better picture of how Drummond dreams up her coveted and must-make recipes (via Instagram).

Drummond's kids have no input in her recipes

We know how much Drummond loves her kids and in turn loves cooking for them, but it may surprise you to learn they have little to no influence on their mom's recipes. Drummond's children took to Instagram for a segment of "Ask Alex: Film Crew Edition!" to answer questions about their mom and the show. When quizzed about how their mom comes up with her recipes, Drummond's daughter Paige revealed, "We don't come up with the recipes." Her sister, Alex, was quick to chime in with confirmation saying, "We're not part of that." Of course, Alex also admitted that it doesn't prevent her from sending her mom recipes she might see "trending" which she feels The Pioneer Woman should make.

So how does Drummond come up with all that delicious goodness that makes our taste buds sing? Drummond's daughter shared that The Pioneer Woman works with her team to come up with the recipes we know and love; however, Alex noted that her mom likes to come up with a lot of the recipes herself. Regardless of the how — seriously, it could be "I Dream of Jeannie" magic and we wouldn't think twice — we love all the simple gourmet goodness Drummond shares with us. Thanks, Pioneer Woman!