Aldi Shoppers Are So Excited About This Cheese Advent Calendar

Now that Halloween has come and gone, we've officially entered the holiday season, and celebrations including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas will be upon us before we know it. We've all got our own rituals for counting down the days until our favorite holiday, but if you grew up celebrating Christmas, you may have peeled open an advent calendar or two in your day.

Thought to have been established by German Lutherans sometime in the 19th century (via Vox), advent calendars run from December 1 through Christmas Eve and are a fun way to anticipate Christmas Day. Lots of advent calendars are geared toward kids, rewarding them with a candy or a fun toy for each day on the calendar. However, supermarket chain Aldi is also here for adults this year, offering a range of grown-up advent calendars stocked with booze, wine, and beer as well as cheese. The latter calendar, made by Emporium Selection and featuring 24 imported mini cheeses, is really catching shoppers' eyes.

Shoppers are flipping for this cheese calendar

The 24-pack of imported mini cheese marketed by Emporium Selection is drawing a lot of attention. Several of the Instagram accounts that track fun Aldi finds have already posted about this advent calendar, and commenters are pumped.

Houston, Texas-based Instagram account @aldi.mademedoit shared a photo of the calendar, captioning it, "Advent calendar heaven was in @aldiusa this morning, and I am all here for it!!! It's one of my favorite days!! I didn't snag alcohol this year, but did grab the coffee, cheese, Barbie and Paw Patrol one!" Out of all those options, commenter @cheryl_booker sought out the dairy option, as well. "I got the cheese!!" they wrote.

Meanwhile, Aldi tracker @theamazingaldi also picked up a selection of Advent calendars, including the cheese calendar. Underneath the account's photo of the calendar, commenter @katiekat139 wrote, "I got the cheese one! My store looked like Black Friday but for Advent calendars."

So there you have it: Aldi shoppers are going wild for advent calendars this year, with a particular emphasis on the cheese option. We're feeling tempted to swing by our local store to have a look.