Giada De Laurentiis' Trick For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for all the people and things in our lives around a spread of delicious food, but the holiday can also bring a side dish of stress to the table. We all know that the week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year for travel. However, for many, a few hectic days at the airport is well worth it if it means being relieved of the many duties that come with hosting friends and family for Turkey Day. Even some of the most experienced chefs like Giada De Laurentiis can feel the pressure of the food-centric holiday.

According to People, the chef will be taking on the role of host for her family's Thanksgiving celebration this year. Showbiz CheatSheet reports that the job has typically been held by her Aunt Raffy, though that doesn't mean De Laurentiis hasn't picked up on a few tricks over the years to help make the holiday the best it can be. When it comes to the food, the television personality notes on her website Giadzy that "the key to a truly successful Thanksgiving spread is balance." De Laurentiis, of course, has recipes for every course of the grandiose meal from turkey to pumpkin pie, though you may be surprised to learn that one of the Food Network star's best tricks for a stress-free Turkey Day is to enlist others to help her whip them all up.

Giada assigns Thanksgiving dishes to her family members

With several cookbooks, restaurants, and Food Network shows under her belt, you would think that Giada De Laurentiis is the one doing all the cooking for her family's big Thanksgiving meal. However, the chef told People that she actually prefers to get the rest of her family involved in preparing the feast. "I tell people what to make in my family," she revealed, noting that it not only takes some of the pressure of herself but also helps them feel involved in the holiday. "When you bring something that you're proud of and make, it empowers everybody. Otherwise, I just feel like I outshine everybody if I don't give them something to do. Because that way they feel like they're really part of the meal," she explained.

De Laurentiis said that she uses knowledge of her family members' strengths in the kitchen to their advantage when divvying out the dishes. Her sister Eloisa, for example, is a strong baker and will be in charge of making De Laurentiis' chocolate almond cheesecake this year. "I just give her the recipe, and I tell her what to make. She loves doing that, so I sort of empower her and her gift," the chef explained.

Even one of the most well-known Food Network stars asks for help with preparing their Thanksgiving dinner. If you're hosting your family this year, don't be afraid to follow her advice and do so as well!