This Pic Of Gordon Ramsay's Son Has Instagram Seeing Double

Although "fatherly" may not be the word that springs to mind when we see Gordon Ramsay shouting in the face of participants on "MasterChef" or  "Kitchen Nightmares," TV's most famously volatile celebrity chef is, indeed, a dad. In fact, he's a father of five: three girls and two boys. His kids — Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda, and Oscar, whom he shares with his wife, Tana Hutcheson — range in age from 23 down to just over 2 years old, Parade reports.

By all accounts, Ramsay the Dad bears little resemblance to his onscreen persona as Ramsay the Chef. According to his daughter Matilda (Tilly), with whom the chef shares a November 8 birthday, Ramsay is a pretty great parent. For this year's Instagram tribute to her father, she wrote: "Happy birthday to the best dad ever!! You are the most supportive person and best role model I could ever ask for." Though Tilly also shares her father's blond locks — and many have noted that Ramsay's eldest son, Jack, looks a lot like the TV star, per Hello! — it's actually young Oscar whom fans say most resembles the celebrity chef.

Instagram fans can't get over Oscar's resemblance to his dad

Two-year-old Oscar Ramsay's resemblance to his dad is never lost on the celebrity chef's Instagram followers, where the "Uncharted" host regularly posts photos of the adorable toddler. Ramsay's most recent Instagram photo is no exception, showing Oscar in a red sweater and collared white shirt, looking thoughtful and oh-so-similar to his father, fans are commenting. "Dead ringer for his dad," said @haxster65, while @amandariescosplay chimed in, "Such a handsome young man just like his daddy." Even more enthusiastically, @courtney_hyndman7 wrote, "GET THIS LITTLE CLONE OUT OF HERE."

And the responses have just kept rolling in. "Every time I see little Oscar, I cant get over how much he looks like you. All I can hear looking at him is 'Its RAW.'" Other fans also took note of little Oscar's serious expression and ascribed Ramsay quotes to the tot. "Where's the lamb sauce," wrote @lizetteeee, and, "Is he swearing yet?" wondered @conrad.todd. Another said, "He's got that chef stare already...'DONKEY!!!'" There's no question that the youngest Ramsay looks a lot like his father. Time will tell if he inherits his penchant for cooking as well.