The Taco Bell-Themed Literary Journal True Fans Need To Read

Whatever you're a fan of, there's a group for you somewhere on the internet. Maybe it's a Facebook group for people who are enamored with penguins wearing sweaters. Maybe you're on a subreddit dedicated to World of Warcraft gamers. Maybe you follow Rachael Ray on Twitter for the latest food hacks.

For some of us, it's just not enough to simply enjoy what is already out there. We need to take our love and do create something with it — fan art, musicals, fanfiction. Of course, these are all pretty familiar concepts for fandoms surrounding pop artists, movies, books, and TV shows. But what about for food? Sure, there's the infamous Denny's tumblr and the always-hilarious Wendy's tweets, but we want more. We need more.

Fortunately, for Taco Bell fans in particular, there is more taco goodness to be loved — in an online literary journal. And it's created by Taco Bell lovers themselves. So, if you too can't get enough of Taco Bell, you're gonna have to check this out.

Check out the Taco Bell Quarterly while eating a taco

Taco Bell Quarterly is the literary journal for die-hard Taco Bell fans. It contains fiction, poetry, essays, comics, and more, all submitted and compiled by fans. Since the journal's creation in 2019, it has published four volumes and reached tens of thousands of fans, according to Food & Wine.

Because the publication is unaffiliated with Taco Bell, its contents range from satire to complaints to humorous retellings of Taco Bell experiences. (For a good laugh, read "One (1) Poem" by Homeless.)

So if you're really missing the Mexican pizza or 7-layer burrito, capture your emotions in a poem and submit it to TBQ. If you spent one of the best nights of your life at a Taco Bell, tell the publication about it. As editor MM Carrigan told Mental Floss, "Writers are taking chances in writing in our magazine that I don't think the literary world has seen in a long time. We're writing with radical sincerity."