These 2 A-List Actors Are Fans Of Blake Lively's Non-Alcoholic Mixers

It's no coincidence that Betty Buzz, Blake Lively's line of new mixers, has a little something in common with Aviation gin. The gin brand is co-owned by Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds, after all. With the mixers' picture of an upside-down airplane – that looks a lot like the infamous image on the Inverted Jenny stamp, as shown by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum - on the label (via Instagram), both brands bring to mind the open skies. Of course, the Betty Buzz label is no misprint — the plane is right-side up while your bottoms up.

The two brands have found a fit with British Airways. The Spirits Business recently reported that Aviation Gin and Betty Buzz will both be featured on the cocktail menu at the Aviation Gin bar inside the airlines' lounge at JFK airport. So, if you're lucky enough to kill some time before your next flight at the British Airways' Lounge, it may be a good time to try a Betty Buzz-Aviation Gin concoction. Who knows? You may even meet your very own future co-pilot in life (or for a brand collab, anyway).

Speaking of collaborations that can elevate a brand, Betty Buzz has already been tried and praised by a couple of people who have teamed up with Ryan Reynolds on other projects. But they occupy a space above the sky as stars.

Betty Buzz gets high marks from Wolverine and The Rock

Betty Buzz has garnered some impressive celebrity support. People magazine reports the former "Gossip Girl" actress and star of "Simple Favor" was excited to receive positive feedback from fellow celebs on the non-alcoholic drinks. One of those fans is actor Hugh Jackman, star of "The Greatest Showman" and "Logan," who posted a video on Instagram explaining how much he and his wife enjoy the mixers. "We love every flavor," Jackman said. "Some of us even like it with a little nip added." As you may recall, Jackman also has a coffee brand, Laughing Man Coffee, which featured in a feud with Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation gin in a bid to raise funds for farming communities and sick children.

Another actor to show Betty Buzz some love was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Johnson's new movie "Red Notice" is premiering on Netflix this month and also stars Ryan Reynolds. Nonetheless, Lively was happy for the encouragement. "It was neat to see men show up like that, and not tell me, you know? I was surprised seeing it on their social media," Lively told People. Clearly, the sky is the limit for Betty Buzz or – even better, the stars.