The Pioneer Woman Uses A Surprising Amount Of Wine In This Thanksgiving Dish

​​Given her penchant for hearty comfort food that could please even the pickiest of cowboys on her ranch, it makes sense that you might turn to Ree Drummond's recipes when searching for Thanksgiving recipe inspiration. After all, for most, the holiday is a time to gather with friends and family and totally indulge in all kinds of carb-laden and gravy-soaked creations, not to plate up fussy, delicate dishes that will have your guests remaining hungry even after a few courses.

If you were looking to serve up your moist, perfectly-cooked, golden brown turkey with some mushrooms as a side dish, Drummond has a recipe for you on The Pioneer Woman blog. However, be forewarned, you may need a stop to the liquor store as well, in order to pick up one of the ingredients. The simple side, Burgundy Mushrooms, gets its name from one of the main ingredients — Burgundy wine. However, Drummond does indicate that other red wines will work. 

Need a little more guidance while browsing the wine aisles? Just know that Burgundy refers to the region, not a specific type of wine. As Vinepair explains, red Burgundy is made from Pinot Noir grapes, so if your particular store doesn't have a robust selection of French wines, you can likely swap it with any Pinot Noir that you think you might like (although it's a bonus if you find one from France, to stay with the overall theme of the dish).

The amount of wine needed and how to make it

Though Drummond's Burgundy Mushrooms may seem like a quick side dish — after all, it takes just a few minutes to sauté mushrooms — be forewarned that they're actually an all-day affair. From start to finish, the recipe takes a staggering nine hours, with the mushrooms simmering covered for six hours and then uncovered for an additional three (via The Pioneer Woman).

In terms of the wine quantity, you'll want to make sure you pick up two bottles at minimum — the recipe calls for a quart of Burgundy wine, or 32 fluid ounces, depending on which measurement you prefer. Most standard wine bottles contain 750 mL/25 fluid ounces of wine, according to Masterclass, so you'll need a full bottle and then some to whip up this mushroom side. The rest of the ingredients are relatively simple, with white button mushrooms getting additional flavor thanks to butter, Worcestershire sauce, beef and chicken bouillon cubes, dill seed, and of course, some fresh garlic cloves.

However, based on the comments that fans left on the post, the recipe (which the famous chef reveals she got from her mother-in-law) is clearly a crowd pleaser. One fan called them "stupid good" and said that her house "smelled AMAZING all day" while they were cooking. Another added that "whenever I want something truly special to go along with a nice prime rib or other wonderful beef item, these burgundy mushrooms are the only thing I think of."