Mark Hamill Got Fired From Jack In The Box For This Hilarious Reason

When you think about Mark Hamill, it's hard to separate him from his Luke Skywalker character from the "Star Wars" franchise. Hasn't he always been a Jedi fighting for the rebellion? It turns out before Hamill was battling his Sith Lord father with a lightsaber, he was just Mark Hamill. And, as the saying goes, everyone starts somewhere, and sadly, not everyone gets to start with "bullseyeing womp rats in their T-16" on Tatooine. Not even Hamill.

When the actor stopped by "The Late Late Show with James Corden," he revealed that one of his first jobs was working at a fast-food restaurant. Bradley Whitford, who was also a guest on "The Late Late Show" that evening, told a story about how he had met Hamill while Whitford was waiting tables in the 1980s, praising the fellow actor because he "tipped like a banshee." Hamill went on to reveal that he too was once part of the wonderful world of waiting tables and fast food, and that he had actually worked at Jack in the Box before hitting it big. But Hamill also confessed that he got fired for the most hilarious reason — and it probably helped prepare him for that grueling blue milk food scene in "Star Wars."

Hamill got a little too into character

During his appearance, Hamil explained to Corden and Whitford that he used his role at Jack in the Box as on-the-job training. Hamill said, "I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects of it. I worked right down the street here at Jack in the Box, and I was in the back all the time, making shakes and minding the grill. I always aspired to work the window, the drive-thru. And the one chance I had at it, it never occurred to me not to be in character as the Jack in the Box clown."

Sounds logical, but his manager was none too pleased. Hamill said, "My manager didn't think it was very funny. He told me to go home and never come back. I got fired. Fired! For being in character!" According to People, Hamill is in good company when it comes to stars working in the restaurant biz before getting their big break. Chris Pratt, for example, worked at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and now encourages diners to tip "at least 20%" and to "also leave some shrimp" on their plates for the starving waiters (via Instagram).