Matt Bomer Always Makes These Thanksgiving Sides

In their daily lives, celebrities may dine at more luxurious restaurants than the average individual, and may rely on resources like personal chefs or meal delivery services to handle their regular meal preparation needs. After all, if you're undergoing a serious body transformation for a particular role, or looking to stay in a particular level of shape to handle grueling stage performances, you may need a little help from the experts. However, when it comes to the holidays, celebrities are often just like the rest of us, indulging in beloved family recipes and relishing the time spent with loved ones. ​​

In an attempt to get an inside scoop on what celebrities were reaching for first on the Thanksgiving table, Parade asked a variety of stars what their favorite dishes were. While the vast majority named some type of carb-packed side dish, such as mashed potatoes or some type of stuffing, Matt Bomer stood apart from the crowd with his dish of choice — caramelized Brussels sprouts, an option he favors in order to "make sure people get some veggies in."

While Brussels sprouts can be a polarizing option, with many harboring negative associations due to unappetizing boiled sprouts served up during their childhood, they can actually be an incredible side dish when done right. Roasting Brussels sprouts until they get that caramelization that Bomer references is a preparation method that may sway even the most staunch Brussels sprouts haters.

One of Matt Bomer's Thanksgiving staples has a Southern twist

Though Matt Bomer listed caramelized Brussels sprouts as his go-to option on the Thanksgiving table when chatting with Parade, that doesn't mean he won't indulge in some of the more decadent dishes that typically grace the Thanksgiving table. In fact, Bomer confessed that aside from Brussels sprouts, unique dishes with sweet potatoes or yams were also favorites of his when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

In fact, as People reports, Bomer once tantalized his fellow "Magic Mike XXL" cast members by promising once filming was over and they no longer had to keep a close eye on their nutrition, he would take them to a fried chicken feast at a Southern spot in Savannah, Georgia. The Missouri-born star delivered on the promise, bringing the group to the restaurant for a true Southern spread that included a classic found on many Thanksgiving tables — sweet potato souffle.

The owner of the restaurant Bomer and his cast members visited even shared the recipe they use for the delectable dish, which is packed with all kinds of Thanksgiving flavors like pecans, nutmeg, and of course, mini marshmallows — you may want to try it out if, like Bomer, you're in search of a more innovative way to prepare the beloved, colorful Thanksgiving carb.